Lake Front Property…

Arizonans love their outdoor recreation. National Parks, National Forests, State Parks, and Regional Parks are plentiful in Arizona with beautiful weather to accommodate every outdoor recreation imaginable.Lake Pleasant

One of our favorite spots in the Phoenix area is Lake Pleasant Regional Park.  We arrive mid-week to a near empty park……love it.  We pick a spot near the shore of Lake Pleasant and set up camp.  The nearest neighbor is over 200 feet away.RVing

Lake Pleasant is a mecca for boaters, anglers and ATVers alike and with a long weekend approaching, Al and I know our solitude will be short-lived.  The holiday brought boats, rigs, and folks of all kind. Lake Pleasant

Our camp spot was within view of the Marina.  As Al and I sit outside enjoying the Arizona sunshine, we are duly entertained by watching the variety of boats passing by and watching various RVer’s set up camp.Travel

Ah….Al and I reminisce……it’s times like this we miss our wave runners and boat.  Perhaps one day we’ll pick up another wave runner or at the very least a kayak.Arizona

After a lovely stay at Lake Pleasant Regional Park, we’re off to Cave Creek Regional Park – a first for us.RVing