Quaking Aspen

As Al and I explore Colorado’s back country, we take in the sights and sounds of the stunning terrain.  We travel from open mountain meadows, through scented pine forests, and past densely populated aspen groves.

The unique sound of the quaking aspen leaves lures us in…..we wonder, is there a gentle waterfall in the distance or merely the fluttering of aspen leaves?

This particular grove/colony is derived from a single seedling and spread by means of root suckers.  New stems in a colony may grow as far away as 130 feet from the parent tree.

An individual tree can live  40-150 years above ground, but the root system of the colony can live for hundreds of years.

Legend has it the aspen tree can drive off evil spirits.  An aspen stake was believed to be one of the few weapons suitable to kill a vampire.  “Watch out Edward!”  (However, I personally am a True Blood fan and thus…”Watch out Eric”)

Colorado is synonymous with this famous white-barked tree, adorning golden leaves in the fall.  And ah yes, that peaceful sound of the quaking leaves…..just another reason to love Colorado!