In preparation for our extended trip to the desert southwest, Al and I review past RV trips and ask each other a series of questions.  What did we like?  What didn’t we like?  Did the RV fit our needs and work well for us?  What equipment, if any, were we missing?  Would we make any changes?

After considerable discussion, we decide on a slight RV remodel and the addition of some new equipment.  We only need seating in the RV for the twothree of us; Al, me, and Bear.  Thus, we remove one of the chairs and replace it with a desk.  That leaves us with a loveseat and chair….perfect for our needs.

Al decides he’d like to build a custom desk to my specifications.  Ah, ain’t that sweet?  I had already shopped for options at numerous stores to no avail.  So Al and I head off to Home Depot in search of lumber choices.  AND their she sat…..sitting near the entrance of the Home Depot just waiting for me.  I whip out my trusty tape measure, carefully checking the dimensions not once, but twice.  She’ll fit perfect.

RVAl responds, “Are you sure you like the finish?  It doesn’t match the rest of the cabinetry in the RV, you know”.  After a moment of contemplation, I comment, “Love it.  Matchy, matchy is so 80’s”.  I remind him of the mix of finishes in our sticks n bricks home.  So it’s home she goes!

Next on the list….    Last March, while my dad, in the Chicago area, was enjoying unusual warm and balmy temps, Al and I were camped on the east side of Phoenix watching snow fall on the beautiful Superstition Mountain.  I’m bundled up in winter attire in Phoenix and my dad is wearing shorts in Chicago….this was sooo wrong.  The forced air heat in an RV is an energy drainer and not efficient when dry camping – i.e. no hook ups.  Thus, Mr. Heater is my new “Buddy” for cold nights in the desert.RVing

There were a couple other purchases made as well, which I will share in upcoming posts, but right now I gotta finish packing…..we’re hitting the road asap!