Spring has Sprung

Ah…Spring, my favorite time of year.  As a former flat lander, I love seeing the snow capped mountains in the distance while hiking in seventy plus degree temperatures.  I never get tired of the view.

New life and growth are in abundance.  The birds are chirping and busy trying to find that perfect spot to build a nest.  The Quail and the Bunnies chase each other.  We encounter deer while on a bike ride along the Arkansas River.  Yes, Spring has sprung.

However, I won’t be fooled by Mother Nature and plant annuals prior to Mother’s Day.  Whether living in Illinois or Colorado, Mother’s Day seems to be the safest time to start planting.  You never know when that last freeze will occur and damage all those precious baby plants.  Having been lulled into a false sense of security in the past, I will be patient and wait for the date on the calendar to start the yard beautification process.

Pueblo West, CO - prairie dog colony in foreground, Pikes Peak in background

Several of my potted plants have remained in bloom through the winter.  Hum, how do I manage that?  I’ve been known to purchase most of my flowers for the decorative pots from the Hobby Lobby “nursery”.  I can count on plastic to remain in bloom without water.  Keeping plants alive in the high desert has its challenges, and I’ve found my answer at Hobby Lobby.

With my ever-growing interest to travel more, my interest in gardening has waned.  Thus the yard work this year will be minimal at best.  After all, I have that “travel” bucket list to work on……  Happy Travels!