Better Late Than Never

We finally hit the road.  We’re about three weeks behind our originally planned departure date, but hey better late than never.  The weather could present some problems necessitating the need to be very flexible in our plans.RVing

unable to put slide out all the way – boulders

Our first day on the road, we opt for an easy two-hour drive.  First stop; Great Sand Dunes National Park, Colorado.  The weather is cold and a bit windy.  The camping season is over in the State of Colorado as temps drop and winter approaches.  Private campgrounds are closed and most State Park campgrounds are closed as well with a few exceptions.  There’s one loop in the campground still open at the Dunes.  However, with the exception of one restroom, all water in the park has been shut off.  Night time temperatures drop well below freezing.

I did my home work prior to our departure, thus we have plenty of water on board.  We run the forced air heat keeping our storage compartment, water line, and tank heated.  The park website says the campground can accommodate up to a length of 35′.  Hum, truck and fifth wheel measure over 45′.  Al and I concur, “Oh what the heck.  I’m game if you’re game.  Let’s see if we can fit’er in”.Great Sand Dunes National Park

It’s a tight fit.  With the aid of a shoehorn, a little grease, and backing back and forth a million times, we finally squeezed into a site.  Thank goodness there was only one other camper in the campground, allowing us to pick  a spacious spot (spacious if you’re a tent).  There was only two or three options total that would work….yikes!

We have a beautiful view of the dunes from our rig, but due to our late start in the day, the sun is already setting.  We’ll explore a little in the morning before hitting the road again.Sand Dunes

The Great Sand Dunes National Park is located off US Highway 160 in southern Colorado about 240 miles south of Denver or 245 miles north of Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The dunes are the tallest in North America and are nestled against the rugged Sangre de Cristo Mountain range.  A favorite pastime of visitors is to climb these massive dunes and sled down.

San Isabel National Forest is host to an abundance of hiking, four wheeling, or horseback riding trails.  I wish we had more time to explore, but we have a snowstorm to outrun.  This is definitely a place we look forward to revisiting and taking our time exploring.  However, we will park the rig at the nearby San Luis State Park, which will accommodate our length with a bit more ease.Sand Dunes