It’s Tough Being a Dog

Brittany Spaniel

We’re out-of-town on an adventure without internet service.  Yep, left the technology behind.  So during our absence, I thought I’d leave you with a few images about why it’s tough being a dog….  from Bear’s point of view !

Monarch Pass
another darn photo-op

Mom is always stopping to take pictures.  I don’t know why she insists I be in her photos.  She says Brittany Spaniels are super cute.  Can’t I just stay in the car and sleep?

Then there’s the sleeping.

Brittany Spaniel
sleeping in a tent….roughing it !

On our last camping trip to Crested Butte, we actually slept in a tent.  Hey, what’s wrong with the RV?  And although it was fun sleeping next to mom in the tent, it got super cold at 10,000 feet in elevation and the pillow case was a mere 250 thread count.  Certainly not what this Brittany Spaniel is accustomed to.

Brittany Spaniel
this leather couch is great for naps !

At home, the leather sofa is always comfy.  Mom even helps my back-end up since I am no longer able to jump up on my own.  You know, I was never allowed on the furniture until I got older.  Yep, that’s right.  I used to get on the furniture when they weren’t home and immediately jump off when they returned.  Then one day I figured, what the heck, what Brittany Spanielare they gonna do about it?  All I have to do is bat my puppy dog eyes and mom and dad melt.  They’re such push overs.  There are benefits to getting old !

However, my eyesight ain’t what it used to be.

But my nose still works great !  I have to really insist and try hard to get dad to share his sandwich with me.  With persistence, I always win in the end.

Brittany Spaniel
having difficulty getting dad to share….  When I was younger, this kind of behavior was never tolerated.  Now that I’m an old guy, they let me get away with being a bad dog….fun times!

Mom and dad rely on me to be on guard at all times.  It’s a tough job, but someone around here has to do it.

Lake Irwin
Who goes there ?  Not worthy of getting up !
Crested Butte
Hey, wait for me…

Dad keeps me on a leash.  I don’t know why I can’t walk the streets of Crested Butte freely like Pork Chop the Golden Retriever.  We’re bud’s ya know !

Well, we’re off on another adventure.  This time we’re traveling in luxury and taking the RV.  My nose will be working overtime.  Yes, it’s a dog’s life……

Brittany Spaniel
here ducky, ducky…just a little closer

I Love My Dog!

I just finished downloading more photos onto my laptop and start to review them and do a tad bit of editing.  I notice a common thread amongst the photos taken this past week….Bear.  My little guy is in at least half my photos.

Bear has been a part of our family for over thirteen years and has provided us with so much joy, love, and entertainment.  Al and I question which of the three of us has enjoyed this past month of traveling the most.  It appears to be a toss-up.  Bear is having the time of his life.  He is a great traveler and can’t wait to explore our next location.  Al and I share in his enthusiasm.

At his age, Bear has his good days and some not so good days.  He has some minor leg problems and therefore we are extremely careful to control the distance and pace of his walks.  We’ve had some scary moments here at Lake Pleasant and thought Bear was declining or suffering from muscle spasms.

Al and I examined his paws and legs several times by running our hands up and down his legs, around his paws, between his toes and pads and found nothing amiss.  We decide perhaps a trip to the Veterinarian should be in order to make sure it isn’t something serious.

you deserve a treat

Bear is starting to look a bit unkept.  Prior to a Vet visit, I decide to trim him and clean him up a bit.  I wear my glasses (I hate getting old) to be sure not to cut anything that shouldn’t be cut or hurt my little guy in any way.  As I trim  his nails and the fur on his paws, I detect a large knotted fur ball in the center of his paw, the paw he keeps shaking.  I gently get the scissors in there to cut it out……..ouch…… stuck me.  Oh my, the poor little guy had a thistle in there.  The guilt, oh the guilt.  What a bad doggie mommy I am!  This calls for extra treats for good little doggies.Al and I at different times and several times had felt his paws for just this kind of culprit.  This is the desert after all and thistles and thorns are plentiful.  Sneaky little thing.  There was so much fur matted around the thistle, it had felt like Bear’s hair until I started pulling on it.

Bear is all trimmed up, thistle remove, and ready for a walk.  With a new found spring in his step, nose in the air, pulling on the lease Bear is anxious to explore a new route and visit with the dog down the way.

We are so happy to realize nothing is seriously wrong with Bear and he will continue to bless us with his presence and unconditional love.  Bear and I go for a walk and all I can do is smile as I watch this special little creature loving life 🙂