Staying an Extra Day…

We’ve been enjoying our stay here at Desert’s Edge RV Village and decide to stay an extra day.  This has given Al the time to take the truck to the mechanic in Camp Verde to check things out, which turned out to be a very good idea.  The fuel control module was going bad.  Once replaced, she’s running better.

mimosas in my future?

The week has flown by.  We had a chance to visit long time friends in Gilbert and Al was able to get in a couple of days of shooting at Ben Avery.  He’s a happy camper as is our little Bear.  Bear is enjoying numerous walks and visits with the other four-legged guests.

Al & Son shooting

I on the other hand, have stayed busy catching up on some reading and getting some meals and groceries together for boondocking.  I made a bunch of breakfast Burritos, which is a super big deal for this midwestern, German gal who didn’t even know what Mexican food was until the age of sixteen.

So the frig and pantry are packed, dog and RV are cleaned, trucks running good, and Al and I are formulating a game plan.  We were hoping to head to McDowell or Usery Regional Park for a few days, but it’s President’s Day weekend and everything in the area appears to be all booked up.  Plan B, point the Rig west and see where we end.

Hwy 95, north of Parker, AZ

Enjoying Phoenix…

Well, we are finally in Phoenix.  Let’s see, it only took us several false starts and an extra two and a half weeks to get here, but we’re here.  We’ve been at our favorite RV park since Saturday.  We enjoy Desert’s Edge RV Village for several reasons.  First and fore most, it’s only ten minutes from our son’s home.  Second, it is very pet

Dog wash area – Desert’s Edge

friendly.  Third, no Park Models (no offense to anyone).  Fourth, awesome location to all kinds of shopping.  Fifth, no age restrictions (again, no offense.  Al may be old enough for 55+, but I am definitely not and don’t care to push it.  I’m getting old quick enough 😦   Sixth, they have a bunch of pull-thru sites.  Great when staying only for a night or two.  Seventh, facilities are clean, staff and guests are all super friendly.

Christmas 2010 - Al, Ingrid & kids

One major downside….it’s pricey, which is why we usually stay here for short time periods.  We did, however stay for a bit over 2 weeks Christmas 2010.  The orange trees were loaded with oranges then.

daughter learns to make mimosa

There are three pet runs and numerous doggy poop bag stations throughout the facility.  No restrictions on where you can walk your pet, just please pick-up.  The sites themselves are nice.  Al and I enjoy more room and thus prefer boondocking or State Parks.  We tried to make a reservation for tomorrow at either McDowell Regional Park or Usery Regional Park, but due to the three day weekend, they are all booked up.  Bummer…we’ll get on the road in the morning and point the Rig west and see where it takes us.  After all, this is just the beginning of our adventure.

In a dog run looking out
Pull-thru sites

False Starts…

Finally after several false starts, we head out on the road Friday, February 10th.  The drive is uneventful for the most part and the scenery is enjoyable as always.  The Spanish Peaks near Walsenburg, Colorado, are loaded with a fresh coating of snow…beautiful.  The truck, however, does not seem to be running at it’s best, which stresses us out.

Spanish Peaks, Walsenburg, CO

This past September, we came to Phoenix to visit our son, who had recently purchased a home.  As a former Home Builder, we had plenty of extra furniture and decor.  We loaded up the construction trailer with furniture and home decor and hauled it to our son’s new place in Phoenix.  We stayed with him a couple of weeks to help him put the place together.  We helped him paint.  I decorated.  Al showed him how to replace a toilet, as well as other handyman items that needed repairing.  The house was built in the late 90’s but had been vacant for almost a year.  Thus, needing some attention.  Oh, and yes, our son very much appreciated all our help and assistance.

After two weeks of work AND some play, we headed back to Colorado with an empty trailer.  Since we had left so early (5:00 am), Bear needed a break, as did I 😉  We stopped at a Rest Area off I-17 just south of Sedona.  The truck stalls before Al can even get it into park and never starts again.  We get towed to a Ford dealership in Camp Verde/Cottonwood and a hour later are informed of the bad news….the turbo went out…$$$.  Our son came and picked us up for an additional ten day stay.  Why did it take so long to fix, you ask?  Our diesel mechanic had a heart attack while working on our vehicle.  Fortunately, being in a small town, the local Cardiologist heard the mechanics name being called in for the emergency and was waiting for his arrival at the hospital.  This mechanic had worked on the doctor’s F-350 earlier in the year and was very pleased with his work.  So now he’ll return the favor by working on the mechanics heart.  Four days and a couple of stints later, the mechanic finished the job on our truck.  Hearty folks around here!

We were very pleased with the way the truck ran and performed on the drive back to Colorado.  A month later, Al loaded up his hunting gear and ATV and headed to the Flat Tops for Elk hunting.  The truck performed great and gave him no trouble starting in the below zero temps even without plugging in the engine heater.  His Wisconsin buddies had trouble starting their regular gas vehicles at the high altitude and freezing temperatures. So Al was pretty happy with his truck, which is why it surprised us so when the truck didn’t seem to be performing properly.  Breaking down while hauling a 5th wheel is not fun.  Thus, explains our stress.

Rest Area, west bound I-10, west of Deming, NM

After a long day of driving south from Pueblo West, Colorado, we spend the night in a rest area located west of Deming off I-10 in New Mexico.  Someone had posted info on their blog about this rest stop, and we decided to check it out for ourselves.  It was nice and very convenient.  They had these little shelters/casitas for parking next to away from the parking lot.  Just as we were settling in and committed to staying the night, a train went by just on the other side of the fence….pretty darn close.  Al and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders and headed to bed.  Yes, there was train traffic, but a whistle never blew so it was not bothersome.  We would definitely spend the night here again.

neighboring train tracks

Saturday the 11th, we arrive in Phoenix.  We head to our favorite RV Resort – Desert’s Edge RV Village…….

I did want to mention a really nice Rest Area just on the north side of the little town of Trinidad, Colorado.  It’s on the west side of I-25 and is easy on and easy off for both north and south bound folks.  There’s plenty of room for all Rigs, facilities are clean, brochure area, and a lovely view of Fisher’s Peak.

view of Fisher's Peak, town of Trinidad, CO