Must be Tuesday

BrowniesAs I sit at the kitchen table sipping coffee, I stare out the window….. all I can say is, “really?”.  Yep, it must be Tuesday and time for another snowstorm.  Right on schedule.

I’ve lived in southern Colorado for eighteen years and I don’t recall an April with this much inclement weather.  Usually April is filled with the anticipation of new growth, the budding of trees, and flowers.  Sure, winter always has its last hurrah in April with a final dumping of white powder, but this has been happening once a week for the past six to eight weeks.  I mean….really?  Enough already!

Even Bear hasn’t started shedding his winter coat, not that I’m complaining about the lack of dog hair around here.

I’m sure the avid skiers in the high country are tickled pink.  This flatlander and snowbirder, not.  The only thing pink around here are my frozen cheeks.

So have I been in a bad mood?  Yep!  No happy camper here, thus nothing to blog about.  You know the saying, “if you can’t say something nice……”

So for now,  I’ll wait patiently for Mother Nature to decide when it’s time for some of Colorado’s beautiful weather and amazing blue skies to return.  Until then, happy trails!Headache