Heartfelt Thanks

Wow…..I’m humbled by the outpouring of condolences for the loss of my beloved Little Bear.  I initially struggled with the decision to write a post specific to his passing. However after giving it further thought, I realized Bear was such a part of our travels and included in so many posts, it seemed appropriate to share why he will no longer be featured in our travels.

Brittany Spaniel
Bear: Brittany Spaniel

I love receiving blog comments and I usually try to acknowledge each comment with a response.  I had every intention of responding to all the wonderful, compassionate comments on the previous post, but I was unable to complete a full sentence.  In my defense, I did make several legitimate attempts, but the flood gates kept opening blurring my vision.  What can I say?  Hopefully you’ll indulge my being self absorbed under the circumstances.

Instead of answering each and every one of your beautiful comments, and I mean beautiful, I’d like to thank all of you via this post.  Ah yes, eyes are still a little blurry but I think I can muddle through ONE response…..from the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your condolences and kind comments.  I realize most of you know exactly how I feel as you yourself have lost a beloved pet….some of you recently.  It’s never easy, but as the tears subside, we’re left with fantastic and loving memories.

Here’s to all our four-legged family members past and present…..cyber hugs to all and heartfelt thanks 🙂

Lake Powell
Bear ready to take flight from extreme winds at the shores of Lake Powell