Let’s Sum it Up !

Steamboat Lake State ParkThis past week spent at Steamboat Lake State Park has flown by.  We’ve hiked, we’ve explored, taken tons of pictures, enjoyed a couple of great campfires, read, had some yummy meals, and relaxed.

Watching the sky and weather change through-out the day, never got boring.  I found myself changing clothes three times a day.  I felt like a school girl, never satisfied with my outfit.  Now the adage in Colorado is “dress in layers”.  Ok, tried that and failed.  I try….pants, no wait, shorts.  Long sleeves, no short sleeves, long sleeves, ok short sleeves with light jacket, maybe.  Oh no, this doesn’t coordinate with that.  Oh dear, with such limited closet space, what’s a gal to do?Steamboat Lake State Park

Columbia ClothingIn all seriousness, I don’t get too worked up about my attire these days while back woods n it.  That is unless daughter is around.  I might get, “Really, mother. You’re not seriously going to wear that?”   Then it’s back to the closet for this mother to find something that coordinates with mother earth and mother nature.  I can think of another word that aptly fits with the word mother, but we won’t go there.

I can’t go wrong with my white Columbia shirt.  I can leave the sleeves down or roll them up and white goes with anything, but best of all I found this gem at an Outlet Mall at a fraction of retail….yeah!  Sure to amuse was this ever-changing weather along with my numerous clothing changes.  Al and Bear were duly entertained, and I ….. well let’s just say, I was humored.Steamboat Lake State Park

Although we didn’t make it out on the water during this particular visit, not without a little begging on my part, we did hike and drive around the area.  We also explored Hahns Peak Lake and Pearl Lake State Park.

Steamboat Lake State ParkWe explored downtown Steamboat Springs and spent a couple of hours hanging out at a quaint little bookstore…. Off the Beaten Path Bookstore & Coffee HouseFree WiFi, great coffee, and enough seating to hang out.   I’m a sucker for Cookbooks and books on Travel.  As a matter of fact this trip to Steamboat Lake and our earlier trip to Crested Butte / Lake Irwin were both inspired by a book;  Colorado Campgrounds, The 100 Best And All the Rest by Gil Folsom.   We’ve had this book sitting on our bookshelf since 2000 and have referred to it a few times.

Hahns Peak
Hahns Peak

While wandering around Off the Beaten Path, I see a posting on the window and at the coffee shop counter discouraging the purchase of a Kindle.  It goes on to note these e readers will be the death of bookstores such as this one.  Hum, not the first time I’ve heard this.  Well, since we’ve hung out here awhile, it’s only appropriate I support this establishment and make a purchase (in addition to the coffee and treats).  I am a huge fan of books written by Moon and find one I don’t own and must have; Colorado Camping, the Complete Guide to Tent and RV camping by Moon Outdoors.  Now granted, we use the internet for a lot of our info on travels, etc. but I sooo enjoy a good old fashioned book in my hands.  There’s something about flipping pages, folding page corners, and keeping notes stuck between pages that technology just can’t replace.  I understand the need for space in an RV, but there’s always a little corner that can be designated for a few books.  I actually have a book self above the frig in my RV.Steamboat Lake State Park

We’ve supported local establishments and explored, now it’s time to return to camp and enjoy a few of our purchases.  You know, the bottle (or two) purchased at the mom and pop liquor store.  Life’s good.  Tomorrow we return to reality….Steamboat Lake State Park