Goodbye Cave Creek!

You know the saying, “all good things must come to an end”?  Our time in Arizona is nearing an end.  Tuesday we pulled out of Cave Creek Regional Park and headed south toward Tucson.  Our time at this regional park was most enjoyable and the fact that our son lives a short drive away added to the enjoyment.Cave Creek Regional Park

We not only say goodbye to Cave Creek, we say goodbye to our son.  Yes, watery eyes all around.  Although I was initially sad to leave Phoenix, excitement set in after thirty minutes of driving; excitement to explore a new destination, new surroundings, and new people.


As I look out the truck window, I think about how I spent Valentine’s Day.  It was a super fun day starting out with a ‘girl’s outing’.  Fellow blogger LuAnn and I went out for lunch, photography, and shopping.


LuAnn and I explored the little towns of Cave Creek and Carefree, located north of Phoenix, Arizona.  Cave Creek has more of a western, cowboy vibe while Carefree has a Spanish flare.  We quickly settle on a café in Carefree and enjoy good food and even better company.

Carefree Arizona
Chocolate…..bring it on!

And what’s this….a chocolate and art festival?  Two ladies amongst an abundance of chocolate…..outta the way!


With cameras in hand, these two bloggers snap away.  We need blog material after all.  The vendors are set up in an area that appears to be a town center of sorts; walkways, playground, lovely landscaping.  We meander among the vendors and admire the unique cacti and landscaping. 

That’s when LuAnn, somewhat excitedly, exclaims, “Crested Saguaro!”  Forget the chocolate, a Crested Saguaro?  With exuberance we quickly snap away at this rare sight.  Ah yes, now I definitely must do a separate post on the amazing Saguaro Cactus.  Rare sight, indeed!

The rare Crested Saguaro

With a sense of satisfaction, accomplishment, and faces possessing huge smiles, we opt for some retail therapy and head to the outlet mall in Anthem.  Since one must be fashionably attired while hiking, we head straight to the Columbia store.  No purchases were made.  Perhaps Columbia just couldn’t top a wonderful lunch visiting, the sight of a Crested Saguaro, and a chocolate festival.

Anthem Outlet Mall
LuAnn shopping at the Columbia store at the outlet mall at Athem

Our day was over before we knew it.  Reluctantly, we say our goodbyes with the promise of meeting someday and somewhere down the road.  LuAnn and I return to our husbands with our chocolate purchases.  Come on, you didn’t think we’d walk away from a chocolate festival empty handed, now did you?

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Cave Creek
My RV and then LuAnn’s – we’re neighbors!

Happy Holidays!

Greetings from Al, Ingrid and Bear.  Wishing you time to do the things you love….RVing

Wishing you fun with family and friends…..RVing

Wishing you and yours a warm and Merry Christmas….

Cave Creekphotography

Wishing you a healthy, happy, and prosperous New Year…..RVing

Wishing you warm wishes from our home to yours.  Relax and enjoy the season!Brittany Spaniel