A Day at the Edge

This morning our day started by driving back to the east entrance of Grand Canyon National Park and SLOWLY working our way back to the Visitor Center, stopping at all the scenic overlooks.  The views were spectacular. Grand Canyon

After lunch, we work our way west.  I take in the architecture of the various lodges and attractions as well as the stunning canyon views.Grand CanyonGrand Canyongrand canyonGrand Canyon

The highlight of my day was hiking a short distance of the famous Bright Angel Trail.  This is the trail that one can hike or mule trip to the bottom of the canyon.  It’s late in the day.  Al and I are tired, but a short little walk on this trail provided me with the unique experience of seeing a Ram up close and personal.  We watch these magnificent animals traverse the challenging terrain with ease.  I was totally mesmerized.  After this special encounter, I can’t stop smiling.  I won’t complain about leaving tomorrow because I can’t imagine anything topping this moment.Grand CanyonGrand CanyonAngel Trail

I managed to carry out a fraction of my intended plans during this Grand Canyon National Park visit.  Al agrees we’ll return next year.  We’ll be sure to return earlier in the fall, before the temperatures start freezing.  I’d like to target September and visit the North Rim as well.  I hear it’s even prettier.Colorado River

Tomorrow we hit the road again……destination Sedona, Arizona.