Stuck on Auto

It’s been two weeks since we set up home here in Rockport, Texas.  The weather has made it a wild ride thus far.  Thank goodness the polar vortex has moved on and we’re back to normal temperatures for the area.seagullEven with all the crazy weather, I’ve been having a wonderful time getting to know my way around Rockport.  Due to cold and rain, my explorations have been tempered, but with fairer weather upon us I hope to take in more of the sights and wildlife.Great Blue Heron

Great Blue Heron

Our RV park is nestled among some mature and unique oak trees located a couple of blocks from the Aransas Bay.  Its a lovely walk or quick bike ride to the shoreline.  This part of Texas is known as a birder’s paradise.Aransas BayJust across the bay from our RV Park is the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge.  I’ve already made one trip there and plan to return.  I’ve discovered photographing birds is very difficult, especially when they move…haha.   I guess now is the time to take my camera off “auto” and start experimenting with custom settings.  I’m open to any suggestions regarding bird photography because thus far, delete has become my new BF….sigh 😉Pelican