RV Resources

Whether you’re full-time, part-time or some-time, we could all use a little help navigating this adventurous journey that we call RVing. There are so many fantastic websites, organizations, and blogs to help any wanna-be RVer or even the most seasoned RVer negotiate the ins and outs of the RV lifestyle.

Highway 89 in northern Arizona

Here are a few of the resources we find useful …

How to find a campground or RV Park

RV Organizations

  • Escapees / Xscapers  If there was only one membership I could have, this would be the one. Whether you need help RVing, a mail service address, or interested in discounted RV parking, this is just the beginning of available services provided by the Escapees Club. If you do join, be sure and let’em know, Ingrid H. SKP #107403 sent you. I’m not compensated for the referral other than a high-five thanks. This is such a great organization for any RVer that I can’t recommend them enough.
  • RVillage is a free online social platform.
  • Passport America is great for discounts on short-term Private RV Park camping. We used our membership for the first couple of years on the road but have changed up how we travel, and therefore, we haven’t renewed, but our membership did pay for itself while we had it.
  • Harvest Hosts and Boondockers Welcome are a couple of popular organizations especially if you like moving around a lot. We don’t have any personal experience with either but do know folks that love their memberships.

RV Forumswhat to do when your RV breaks down, RV repairs, Extended RV warranties


This Mountain Directory saved our rear more than once. It was originally written for truckers but has become very popular with RVers. Don’t visit a mountain state without this directory. It shares road grades, tunnels, and descriptions.

If you’re interested in what it costs to RV full-time, you can read my post here and if you’re interested in buying an RV but don’t know where to start, you can read this post.

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We do use interstates regularly especially when we cross the plains to Illinois or travel between Phoenix and Corpus Christi, Texas. We use our  Next Exit book regularly and love listening to audio books during those long days on the road.
the Next EXIT 2018

Audible Membership

We also like using real maps. There are times Google maps just gets it wrong, and our GPS, Hildi, prefers the shortest route, even if that’s a one-lane dirt road that miners used to use. Yeah, always back yourself up when traveling the backcountry. We love these Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlases. They are more than just a basic atlas, and since we spend most of our time in Colorado, Arizona, and Utah, these are the ones we have.

Colorado Benchmark Road & Recreation Atlas

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sunrise at the beach


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