Favorite Photos

Life is like a camera……Focus on what’s important, Capture the good times, Develop from the negatives, And if things don’t work out, Take another shot 🙂

Fall colors
Fall colors – Rocky Mountain National Park

Whether I’m traveling to some unique place like Canyonlands National Park or visiting family members in the Midwest, I always keep my camera(s) close at hand.  I’ve had an interest in photography since my teenage years and have maintained photo albums and scrapbooks long before “scrapping” became popular.

Mt. Evans
Summit Lake, Colorado. My daughter and I spend the day together and drive to the top of Mt. Evans; tallest paved road in America

Digital photography has allowed me to explore my hobby without constraints; no need to purchase film or pay for developing.  No longer waiting and wondering if a photo will turn out.  I’ve never taken a class.  I’m still a beginner in the editing department using Picasa…. JPEG.hummingbird

desert sunsets
Arizona has the best sunsets. A memorable trip for hubby and me at Lake Havasu.

Most important to me are the memories my photographs capture.  My photos won’t ever hang in a gallery but they will and do hang in my children’s homes.  That makes me happy.  My son and daughter also eagerly share in the housing of my dozens of scrapbooks.

Rocky Mountains
I love Ridgway, Colorado

It’s usually around the holidays that the photo albums come out, stories are told, and the laughs begin.  So for me, it’s not just about the photograph itself….it’s about the journey and memories created.Culf Coast

Mesa Arch
Canyonlands National Park, Utah. The famous “Mesa Arch”.

Brahma CalveIn September of 2012, I went on a couple of road trips with my son for his work.  Great times in New Orleans and San Diego.

And then there’s the wildlife….not always easy to capture, but oh so fun.

Whooping Crane
Endangered Whooping Crane – Rockport TX
birding in Texas
Pelicans bring a smile to my face!

I just can’t seem to get enough of all the beautiful landscapes and vistas…..

Salt River
The Salt River on the far east side of Phoenix
Blue Mesa Reservoir, Gunnison, Colorado
Texas Gulf Coast
Texas Gulf Coast
Steamboat Lake
Steamboat Lake, Colorado
Dead Horse Ranch State Park
Dead Horse Ranch State Park, Arizona
Monument Valley
Monument Valley, Utah
Last Dollar
Exploring Colorado’s back country. We take Last Dollar Road on the way to Telluride, CO
Arches National Park
Sand Dune Arch, Arches National Park, Utah
Lake Havasu
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Texas shore
along the Texas Gulf Coast near Rockport

I love beautiful architecture.

And a few more other shots just for fun.

Thanks for stopping by  🙂

Port Aransas Texas
Roseate Spoonbill – Mustang Island, Texas

Texas Gulf Coast birding trail


46 thoughts on “Favorite Photos

  1. Hi, Ingrid,
    I was browsing through your blog and clicked on this tab for some inspiration and so glad I did. You really have a talent for capturing a scene. If you can get all of this out of Picasa and JPEG, there is no reason to go to all of the trouble to shoot RAW. I’ve been experimenting with it, but it is a lot of work. Your pictures from AZ and UT are great! Can’t wait to get there…three months until we leave. Wishing you a very Happy Holiday season…I’m sure you have the RV decorated by now!


    1. Thank you! I’ve tried shooting in RAW, but for what I do, it doesn’t seem worth the memory. I may change my mind down the road, especially if I ever decide to sell images. Enjoy your journey west and let me know if I can offer any suggestions.


  2. Excellent blog, pleasant-to-read writing, and outstanding photographs. I don’t follow many as it’s tooooo much to manage, but you’re on. IMO great photos take a good eye as well as a good camera and you have that. I recently sold my Nikon D5200 and lenses outfit as it was too cumbersome for my casual picture-taking. I’ve resurrected my old Canon SX200 superzoom from storage while I research new hardware. The choices are mind-boggling. Your FZ200 has served you well but is probably too big for me. I’m leaning toward a very pocketable superzoom or nearly pocketable bridge. In the meantime I’ll give the SX200 a workout in the British Isles this spring. Keep up the good work.


    1. Thank you. I appreciate the kind comment. As much as I’ve thought about upgrading to a DSLR, the bridge camera is just way to convenient for my lifestyle and the hiking I like to do. I really don’t wish to mess with lenses. Plus weight and size are a huge issue for me. Have a great visit to the British Isles.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I’ve just discovered your blog tonight while doing some research on an upcoming camping trip at Ridgway State Park. Your photos are absolutely stunning, and I love the way in which you describe your adventures! Thanks for sharing, and I’m excited to subscribe and see your new posts going forward.


    1. Thank you. With each visit to Ridgway SP, we enjoyed it more. My brother lives in Grand Junction and it’s his ‘go to’ place especially since the new trails on the other side of the hwy went in last year. Enjoy! We are long overdo for a revisit.


  4. Ingrid,

    Your photography is wonderful! You make me smile when you say you shoot jpeg. Last fall I took an excellent Lightroom (LR) course and heard a bunch of good reasons to start shooting RAW. But months have past and I still haven’t gotten around to shooting RAW or buying LR. It’s not about cost, I just love the simplicity of shooting JPEG and after seeing your outstanding work I feel no inclination to change now. Thanks for sharing and happy travels. Brick


    1. Thank you and I think it boils down to the purpose behind the photo. For me it’s about preserving memories and posting on the blog. It’s all about fun and shooting JPEG and editing with Picasa, is so darn easy (thus fun) that I haven’t made the time to immerse myself in learning LR and Raw. Ah, one day…. perhaps!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s taken a lot of practice and a lot of deleting to get photos good enough to post. I discovered that it’s a must to keep the camera set on ‘burst’ mode.


  5. Great blog and really great photos. I could use some helpful hints as I’m trying to use Smugmug for storage and gallery viewing and WordPress for blogging with photos. I’m finding it not so easy and could use some tips/suggestions.


  6. Beautiful photos! Discovered your blog thru Carol and have spend the past hour exploring 🙂 We are in the infancy stages of planning our retirement on the road…Still have 3 years, but I know it will go fast. So enjoyed your stories and info.


    1. Thanks and I look forward to spending a little more time on your site looking at your photos. And yes, 3 years will go by fast. It’s a fun adventure 🙂


  7. HI INGRID!! You haven’t changed a bit…since those yearly baby years in BR, CL & Hinsdale, IL!! It so great to see/read that you are still so happy, enthusiastic and in love!! YEA! So jealous of your RV adventure! I’ve been camping my whole life, and we have splurged on an RV rental the last few years. It’s the best. I enjoyed catching up with you thru your photos and blog. Say hi to Al for us!! Next time your in Illinois let us know!! Brenda&Tom
    ps I’m a huge scrapper..would love to take it on the road! LOL


    1. Hey Brenda, thanks for stopping by and commenting. Can you believe are kids are grown? Well as you can see, Al and I are back to traveling but instead of via the airline industry it’s via a RV and we’re loving it. Will definitely send you a shout out when we’re back in IL 🙂


  8. WOW! Makes me want to never forget my camera when we go out — we’ve gotten so lazy sometimes. After first seeing your blog a few days ago I’ve already taken more pictures than the prior month. The cameras are charged and in use again. Thanks for inspiring us, and for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    Jim and Debbie


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