RV Must Haves

We get asked often what are the “must haves” to maintain our RV lifestyle.  Are there particular products or favorite items we use?  Are there things that we couldn’t live without?  On this page, I’ll share items we absolutely need for our lifestyle.

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White Sands dunes

Let’s talk first about the less pleasant, behind the scenes necessity. We figuratively and literally carry our crap around the country.  Being self-contained is a wonderful thing.  It allows us the flexibility to explore some amazing back country with all the comforts of home, including our own bathroom.

But eventually, those waste tanks fill up and they need to be dumped properly.  When we stay in an RV Park, we use these same hoses to connect to the sewer site.  Al has some favorite hoses and connectors (hey, I take care of what goes in, since I’m the cook, thus he takes care of what goes out.  What’s fair, is fair!)

Al prefers the Rhino Extreme. He says the plastic is a bit thicker and holds up well – Camco 39867 RhinoEXTREME 20′ Sewer Hose Kit with Swivel Fitting. We have two of these hoses for those times we need extra length, which is more often than one might think.  You never want to find yourself short on hose, especially when it’s time to relieve those tanks.  Thus, spend the money for two.  Plus, it gives you a backup.  Ya never know where and when an animal will decide to use the sewer hose as a chew toy.

Hubby also likes using clear end fittings. The clear fittings aren’t exactly for entertainment purposes, but rather, an information indicator.  He can tell when the water is running clear. Yes, full of crap has true meaning in the RV world 😄

And speaking of clear water, we have a couple of water hoses meant specifically for fresh water, along with a water filter. Again, it’s better to have more hose length than what you think you’ll need.  Most RV parks are poorly designed and we’ve needed the second hose more times than I can count.

Water Pressure Regulator. Brass Lead-free Adjustable Water Pressure Reducer for Rv with Guage. Includes Inlet Screened Filter. Model A01-1117tm

We highly recommend using a water pressure regulator when hooked up to water in a RV park.  Some RV parks have rather high water pressure which could easily cause damage to the RV.

An electrical extension cord is also a necessity. There are times the built-in RV electrical cord is not long enough to reach the electric pedestal at a RV park.

We also use this cord to plug into our Honda 2000 generator which we keep in the bed of the pickup truck. 50 Ft Orange Extension Cord – 12/3 SJTW Heavy Duty Lighted Outdoor Extension Cable with 3 Prong Grounded Plug for Safety – Great for Garden & Major Appliances

Our RV requires a 30 amp outlet.  Most larger RV’s require a 50 amp outlet.  Not all RV parks accommodate both.  Thus, this little amp converter is a must. Conntek 14370 RV Pigtail Adapter RV 30 Amp Male Plug To RV 50 Amp Female Connector  This is something specific to each RV, and as a RV owner, it’s important we understand the individual needs of our equipment.

We do spend about a quarter of our travels dry camping/boondocking …. camping without services.  It’s never a good idea to allow the battery(s) in the RV to drain or run low. This will shorten the life of the batteries.  Many folks install solar panels on the roof of the RV for their electrical needs and to keep the batteries charged up.

It’s an expensive endeavor and is worthwhile doing for those boondocking a lot.  We can’t justify the expenditure at this point and time, and therefore we use a Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Inverter Generator when we’re camping without services.

It powers everything except the air conditioner.  If added the companion, then we’d be powered up for anything.  Honda EU2000i and EU2000ic Companion Inverter Generator Parrallel Combo Kit

We have friends that love their portable solar panel and it’s something we’re considering. These panels are meant for boosting the batteries and won’t power the TV or frig.

Solar versus generator?  It’s a personal choice and folks have pretty strong opinions on the subject.  If we find ourselves boondocking more and more, we may bite the bullet and add a couple of panels to the roof of the RV, BUT the first step is some number crunching.

Let’s head on into the interior of the RV. This wall clock is awesome… La Crosse Technology WS-8117U-IT-AL Atomic Wall Clock with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature

We love knowing what the temperature is outside as well as inside.  We’re on our second one, considering the first one fell off the wall during year two and didn’t work right afterwards.

And speaking of things falling … sometimes those cabinet latches won’t hold. After my favorite blender went flying out of a cabinet and shattered on the floor, on days when we’re traveling, we faithfully secure certain doors with these latches – Dreambaby 6 Pack Sliding Locks, White

An electric space heater is wonderful to have on board and as much as we try to stay in a warm climate, winter does visit. Sometimes all we need is to take the chill out of the air and this works perfectly.

Lasko 755320 Ceramic Tower Heater with Digital Display and Remote Control

Containers, containers, containers! You can never have too many containers with locking lids. We like the clear ones. We can easily identify what’s in each container. Al uses different shapes and sizes to store items in the RV belly and I use smaller ones placed inside cupboards.

As I think of more items, I’ll be sure and add them.Petrified Forest

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