Essential Gear

We’re often asked, what are your must-have items to maintain the RV lifestyle?  Are there particular products or favorite items we use?  Are there things that we couldn’t live without?  What is your essential gear? To answer those questions, I’ve set up different pages for specific groups of gear. You’ll find items we absolutely need for RVing or items we love using to make our lifestyle just a little bit easier or more enjoyable.

RVing can be the most wonderful travel adventure of your life or it can be a nightmare. Preparation and having the right gear are the keys to our success. We’ve lived in our RV full-time since June of 2013, and I can definitely say that it hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns, but it has been an amazing journey … a journey with no regrets and no near end in sight. I’ll warn you, the RV lifestyle can be addictive!

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