What to Wear

Because we spend so much time in the outdoors, it’s important we dress for the elements and the environment.

Weavers Needle

We love our Columbia shirts

We aren’t fans of repeated sunscreen application, and therefore, we choose to cover up in clothing, which I admit, is not always comfortable when temperatures are soaring in the desert southwest, but a sunburn is even less fun.

These Columbia shirts are perfect. They’re lightweight and block the sun.  Between the two of us, I swear there’s over a dozen hanging in our closest 😁

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Columbia Women’s Long Sleeve Shirt

Columbia Men’s Long Sleeve Shirt

I’d have to say the absolute most important item in our wardrobe is footwear. Wearing an appropriate and comfortable shoe is crucial to enjoying our explorations.  I used to wear my everyday tennis shoes for hiking, but after a couple of close missteps, I finally purchased a pair of hiking shoes.  Wow, what a difference they’ve made in my hiking enjoyment especially in places like Moab and the Colorado Rockies where footing is important. Well worth the money. KEEN Women’s Waterproof Hiking Shoe

Keen hiking shoes

I definitely want solid footing walking to a ledge like this – 1,000 feet above the San Juan River in southern Utah



Al prefers ankle coverage when out hiking. 

And a gal can’t have just one pair of hiking shoes.  I wear these Merrell Women’s Moab Hiking Shoe when it’s warm out. They’re a little lighter than the Keen’s.

Good socks also make a difference on those long hikes.  Al and I both wear these Wigwam Unisex Men’s/Women’s Merino/Silk Scout Quarter Length Sock … of course in different sizes.

For every day running around, we like to wear Keen’s.  They’re great around water…. kayaking, washing the car, hiking through streams, at the beach.water shoes


When I’m not wearing my favorite Columbia skort  Columbia Women’s Just Right Skort  –   You’ll find me wearing these lightweight pants.  They’re comfortable, great for hiking, and protect my legs from sun and bugs.
Columbia Women’s Saturday Trail Pant






Phoenix Botanical GardenSecond most important item in our wardrobe = hats, hats, and more hats …. love hats.  Al and I are rarely seen without a hat on.  Hopefully the combination of a hat and sunscreen will ward off skin damage.

We have several friends dealing with precancerous and cancerous carcinomas and it’s not a fun journey. Something we hope to avoid.

Skin protection and fashion = hats = fun!


Watson Lake AZSince we do travel to various elevations where temperatures can change quickly, we try to dress in layers and always have a coat or sweatshirt in the car. Even in the desert, temperatures can range drastically from a high of 90 degrees Fahrenheit during the day, to lows in the 40’s at night.  And in the mountains?  Watch out!  The weather can change abruptly, and without warning.

Of course, rain gear is also important. Not that I remember to take it with me … like in this post. I sure could’ve used the rain gear that day. My raincoat did me no good hanging in the RV closet.  Ah, lesson learned!  Frogg Toggs





And last but not least, we love our novelty T-shirts. You can’t go wrong with a drawer filled with fun T’s of all colors and themes. Just a few of our favorite items ….

Watson Lake

Watson Lake, Prescott, Arizona

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4 thoughts on “What to Wear

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  2. This is a helpful list, Ingrid – especially since you and I share an appreciation for a good skort as well as a loathing of sunscreen.

    We’re having some work done on the house that requires me to move everything out of the master bedroom closet. It’s been a good opportunity to let go of all but a handful of items. Even many of those I’m hanging onto for now will need more-practical replacements soon.

    Thanks for sharing your insight & experience 🙂


    • Thanks Teresa – I do enjoy my skorts. The cleaning of closets doesn’t end once the house sells. I’m a collector of T-shirts; my souvenir of choice which isn’t necessarily a good thing with limited closet space 😁

      Liked by 1 person

      • I think most of us have a tendency to fill all available space! Our smaller RV closet and limited dresser space (it’s good for little more than shorts, socks & undies) means if I try to keep more than my favorites I’ll be in trouble. Even now I’m looking at my favorites and realizing some won’t be great for camping.

        My post this week was about purging and – how to put it? difference of opinion? denigration? Anyway, I linked to your post because it was relevant to the topic and because now I won’t have to remember where to find it 😀


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