Are They Goals or Resolutions?

a meandering creek in Arizona filled with rocks and boulders

As I switch out the calendar hanging on my wall, I’m saddened by the thought that 2019 has come to an end. I had a fantastic year, a year filled with good health, mingling with friends old and new, lots of time connecting with family, and traveling in a relaxing sort of way. So, as I reflect on the passing of yet another year, I look toward the future.

Not only is it a new year but a new decade. 2020 sounds so George Jetson like, doesn’t it? And although we may not have a Rosie in our lives, we do have Alexa, Siri, Roomba, self-driving cars, smartphones, and all the other gadgets out there that supposedly make our lives easier. I’d say, we’ve come a long way in the past decade and it’ll be interesting to see where this new decade takes us.

spreading your wings. a sculpture with wings out stretched
Spreading our wings in 2020

Resolutions are made up of goals.

Yeah, 2019 was a good year for me, an excellent year, but there’s always something refreshing about changing out that calendar. With a new year and a new decade in front of me, I feel a sense of a blank slate that needs to be filled with hopes, dreams, and goals. I don’t usually do the whole New Years Resolution thing per se, but I do think about loosely set goals. However, goal setting, in general, is something I consider regularly and not just yearly.

Hmm, I wonder what’s the difference between resolutions and goals?

While there is a difference between goals and resolutions, they are intertwinded. Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something. Goal: the object of a person’s amibition or effort; an aim for a desired result.

Goals provide a direction to follow to achieve a desired outcome. Goals involve planning, preparing, and taking action. Ah, I do have goals indeed and perhaps even a resolution thrown in the mix just for fun.

My top five goals for 2020

  1. Eat healthier and hopefully lose a few pounds (isn’t this on everyone’s list?)
  2. Exercise more – get more physically fit (again, popular)
  3. Save more, spend less money (this should be on everyone’s list)
  4. Blog consistently – for fun and to provide helpful information
  5. Embrace cooking and try new recipes regularly.
blueberry coffee cake baked in a cast iron skillet
I wonder, will I be baking as much in 2020?

Ah, I’m sure those top three goals aka resolutions are on most peoples list and usually are every year. Guess I’m not being too original, but I’m ok with that. However, seeing these goals down on paper (or rather computer screen) seems like a lot to be working on all at once. I know I’ll have good days and bad days achieving these goals, but I’m hoping by writing things down via a daily journal that I’ll have more successes than failures. I assure you my computer’s cookies are loaded with how-to “bullet point journal”. Did someone say cookies? 🍪🍩🍪

It also helps that Al, darling husband, shares these same goals … well, except for #4 and #5. First, he doesn’t blog, and second, he doesn’t cook, but rather encourages me to cook and him to suffer through the taste testing. Don’t you feel sorry for him? Actually, he can cook when he has to, but not the kind of dishes I’d eat … very bachelor/guy kind of stuff. Between you and me, I don’t think even he likes his own cooking. He much prefers encouraging me in the kitchen and he’ll even run to the grocery store to help me out. Awe, isn’t he sweet? Did someone say, Sweets? (Diets suck!)

So now that you know my goals for 2020, I’m relying on you to help keep me accountable 😆

a mysterious path in the forest
What does your path look like in 2020?

2020 Travel Plans

Having lived and traveled in our RV fulltime since 2013, we’ve slowed down the last couple of years … not that we ever crisscrossed the country like some RVers or had any specific travel goals in mind like visiting all 50 states. No, we’ve always planned our travels more on a whim and keeping visits with our children in mind.

Now that both kids live in Phoenix, Arizona, it makes travel planning super easy, at least the winter plans. We enjoy spending the winters in Phoenix and the rest of the year is determined by the direction we point the RV.

Last summer, we spent three months camped on Al’s sister’s property near Hayward, Wisconsin … lakefront property I might add. We had a great time, so much so, that we’ll be doing a repeat this summer. We do have a few out and back trips into Minnesota and the Upper Penisula of Michigan planned, but we’ll have to see how that all plays out. Ya know how that goes … plans written in jello with lots of wiggle room.

The main difference between last year’s travels and this year will be the journey between Phoenix and Hayward. Last summer we took almost four weeks to drive the nearly 2,000 miles. This year we don’t plan on meandering but rather focus on the destination and hightailing it in about four days. Our route will be determined by spring storms and the avoidance of running into Dorthy and Toto aka tornados. Yeah, the month of May can be a dicey month crossing the Great Plains and keeping an eye on weather conditions is paramount.

reflections in water
reflecting on life

Happening around our RV

Even though we’re only five days into the New Year, I’m down a pound. My meal planning has been successful and my legs are feeling the activity. So far, so good! And things on the blogging plan front? Well, that still needs a ton of attention. I’m still suffering from a creative block. That’s a real thing, isn’t it? I haven’t been out with the camera much and I certainly haven’t been writing. Perhaps I just need a nudge and if that means staring at a blank computer screen for thirty minutes or just taking random photos of something, that’s what I plan on doing to try and get myself back into a creative mood … ya know, get those creative juices flowing again. After all, that’s when I’m at my happiest; when I’m creating.

I’m excited about the possibilities, goals, and plans for 2020. Whether I’m exploring new places or revisiting some old favorites, my hope is to start the new decade on a positive note and keep it going throughout the new year and beyond.

How about you? What are you looking forward to the most in the new year?

quote carved in a stone bench Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here?

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60 thoughts on “Are They Goals or Resolutions?

  1. It looks like 2020 got off to a splendid start for you (and Al), already working towards your goals. Well done! For me, it seems like the year started like a whirlwind and all of a sudden it’s January 10th and I’ve not given this new year or decade much thought. Since we don’t live in a “controlled manner”, it’s harder to set goals, as we enjoy the process of discovery and expanding our horizons. I’d just be happy if we can combine our adventurous lifestyle with a balanced amount of peace and relaxation. 🙂

    By the way – don’t force the creative desires. Sometimes taking a break is worthwhile and beneficial. The muse in the form of your photography and voice will return!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m with you and can’t believe the first 2 weeks of January are already over.
      Yeah, sometimes a break from blogging and photography is exactly what’s needed. I’m jumping back in … hopefully with a renewed perspective. 🤞

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A very creative and appropriate photo, Ingrid, “Spreading our wings.” I am with you on how I set goals on a regular basis. I am often surprised when I look back how I did meet goals, especially when I write them down. Your five goals seem very realistic and doable. A huge difference between four weeks and four days of driving. No need to meander if you have already done this route. You always share beautiful photos. I will share within the next couple of months a major event coming up for us. Fun to connect Ingrid. I look forward to following along in 2020.


    1. Thank you Erica. Writing down goals and a work list is my saving grace. If I don’t have a working list, I find myself getting side tracked with social media … which can be fun and enlightening but detracts from accomplishing those goals.

      I look forward to hearing all about your major event!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Ingrid! It was fun spending the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 with you! Seems like as we enter a new decade and even our 60s that goals are a thing! I believe we all want to improve our health by eating better, moving more and eating less. We got home on Tuesday and by Wednesday night I had a cold! But, January is off to a good start with writing goals. I managed to plan a series of blog posts this month, beginning next week when my blogging break is officially over. I even wrote a good amount of words into my book. Back to school and all things associated with teaching which will keep me busy. As for your blogging ideas, you could write a series of photography tips using your images and lessons learned 🙂


    1. Bummer, sorry to hear you haven’t been feeling well. At least it waited until you returned home. It was great connecting again and I’m so glad you enjoyed your trip.
      Sounds like your off to a good start with accomplishing your goals … hopefully we’ll both be successful in that department. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Guess who? I know, it’s been awhile hasn’t it?
    Your 2020 goals sound great and very doable!! I’m sure you’ll have no problem keeping those! Our
    goal(s) are simple….get Mike through rehab and go somewhere anywhere!!! See….I’m not so hard on those goals either!!
    Here’s to us all…a happy, healthy safe new year!!!


    1. So nice to hear from you and glad to hear Mike is doing well. Yeah, keeping those New Years’ goals won’t be easy. It seems to boil down to time management and not getting sidetracked. Cheers to a great 2020!


  5. Ingrid,
    We’re all looking forward to more of your photographs. Helen and I are excited about RVing to the Great Northwest (including Banff) for four months starting in June. My goal is to improve my camera editing skills. Do you consult? Your 2020 should be a rewarding one. Joe


    1. My biggest problem is wasting time in the social media rabbit hole. Can’t believe how three hours can go by and I have nothing to show for it 😏. I’m working on focus and limiting distractions. Wish me luck!


    1. Hi Jodie. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. AZ is a fun state with lots of diversity and a ton of places to explore. I look forward to meeting you next week 😃


    1. Getting those recipes down on paper or on video is my biggest problem. I tend to wing it a lot in the kitchen without exact measurements unless I’m baking. 🍹


  6. We just adopted a new puppy for the new year so your goals of eat healthier (fewer bars/restaurants) and exercise more (oh god puppies are so much work!) are going to come true for us! Sounds like you’re on track for your new year’s resolutions…best of luck keeping them going!


    1. Congratulations on your new addition. Puppies are the cutest, but definitely a lot of work. We do try to not go out to eat too often, but sometimes that’s easier said than done. Hope you guys have a great New Year!


      1. I have a similar problem with sweets. Especially during the holidays. What has worked for me in the past is to remind myself sweets and sugar are poison whenever I get an urge to take a bite.


  7. Hi Ingrid,
    Great post.
    Yeah, everyone does the first 3, but that says something, doesn’t it?
    Goals I get, but you don’t need an excuse to set some…and if you focus on making sustainable lifestyle changes rather than a “quick fix” like a diet it will last beyond January.
    We are looking forward to rving next year and our big trip out west starting in October and lasting about 10 months. Exciting to research, think, and plan about what we want to do and see.
    2020 is promising to be exciting.


    1. I’m right there with you on the sustainable lifestyle and goals. We focus on eating ‘real’ food and not following a specific diet. It’s the sugar that we have a hard time staying away from.
      A 10 month RV trip? How fun. Let me know if I can offer any suggestions. ☺


  8. Ingrid,

    Thank you for sharing your life and stories. I’m hoping to be a noobie RVer in 2020. My kids are young adults and on their own so I figured why wait any longer, I think I’ll live in an RV.

    Like you part of the reason for the RV is to see my kids who are in Las Vegas and Bay Area, CA. I’m in northern Arizona right now. I miss them so much and want to visit as often as they’ll allow, lol.

    But I’m also an explorer. I love to visit new places and meet new people!

    I’m looking forward to learning about RVing from experienced travelers like yourselves.



    1. Hi Allison, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the RV community. If I can ever offer any suggestions or recommendations feel free to reach out anytime. And if you find yourself back in Phoenix be sure and let me know (my email listed in sidebar). I’d love to meet your Brittany Spaniel and you too 🤣. I have a soft spot for Brittany’s … had two. Best wishes for an exciting New Year!


  9. Loved reading your post today – so moving, inspiring and motivating for me 🙂 I have a busy 4 months ahead of me at work, so going to add in as much down time as possible to avoid a melt down. I even planned a few days off and that is rare for me during that busy time, but I deserve it and people will like me better for it. Hehe. For me in 2020 I want to embrace a slower pace and take time out for myself and my greatest someones. Have to live a little bit more in working 40+ hours a week. Wishing You the BEST – Good Luck & Take Care 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!


    1. Thank you Renee. Ah, avoiding a meltdown … been there! Seems like you have a good plan for 2020. Fingers crossed we’re all successful with our 2020 goals. Cheers 🥂


    1. Thanks so much … very gracious of you to offer your property. The weather will decide which route we’ll take, and we plan on making it a fast trip with not much lingering. Al has his focus on fishing this summer and wants to get to Hayward asap once it starts getting hot in Phx. We’d love to revisit you guys when you have the place done. I’m in love with what you’re building!


  10. So, we recently started jogging and I decided we should train to do a 5K. Things were going great…right up until I sprained my ankle. So now I’m in a walking boot. Ha! Whoops! That’s why my new goal is to just sit on the sofa. No one ever gets hurt sitting on the sofa!!

    Ok, ok fine. I’ll get back to the whole exercise thing soon. As soon as I’m done gimping around. Hopefully, you’ll have more success meeting your goals. 😂


    1. Grrr … sorry to hear about the sprain. I can relate. In 2018 we spent the summer in Prescott. We got off to a fantastic start in our hiking goal until I twisted my ankle. So, that summer got shot to hell 😫 and my life was spent doing a lot of sitting which my rear-end can confirm. I can also vouch for the fact you won’t get hurt sitting on that sofa 😆. Hope that ankle of yours heals quickly, but in the meantime, keep those witty posts coming. We all appreciate the entertainment!


  11. My thoughts? I think I’d like a slice of that delicious looking blueberry crumble pie thing please!

    Good luck with your 2020 goals, can’t wait to follow along with you 🙂


    1. That blueberry coffee cake is delicious. I made it several times this past summer while staying in northern Wisconsin. My sister-in-law and I actually picked all the blueberries. Hope you have some exciting adventures planned for 2020!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I stopped using the word “resolutions” when starting a new year. For me it sets me up for failure if I don’t follow through. Who needs failure? So instead I try to say …how can I do things better, how can I serve others better, what else can I try, what new challenges can push me and best of all what creative paths can I follow! Goals is such a better word.

    Healthy eating is always what I want. We have basically cut out sugar and we are keeping the unhealthy foods at bay. Sure, the Holidays had me making some butter laden traditional Slovak dishes. But that was just a few days and now we are back on track.

    And with a new Decade staring at us… I go walking through it’s doors with more confidence then ever before. Probably because of my ripe old age. Lol! But because of my older age… I have that “better do it now …cause we don’t know what tomorrow brings” attitude! Perhaps a “Jump Right In attitude” … but wow, how exhilarating! I never use to feel this way… but as I get older I am enjoying the Freedom to Get Out and Do. And if I can’t do it… at least I tried.

    Happy Goal Setting!


    1. I always love your upbeat and positive attitude and you do jump right in with new adventures. We too have cut out sugar and I’m going through withdrawals … the baking pans are no where in sight 😪 Once we get to Wisconsin this summer, I know I’ll ‘NEED’ to bake some goodies, but until then, I’ll suffer. Here’s wishing you a great New Year and I’ll see you soon!

      Liked by 1 person

  13. Good top five goals. Lovely photos. Down a pound during the holidays is quite an accomplishment. Have fun when you are “On the road again.”


    1. Thanks Tim. Yeah, eating healthy choices throughout the holiday season certainly takes some will power which admittedly I did not have. I think I made up for all the chocolate ingested by hitting the trails.😆

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Ingrid you are so organised it scares me. I can imagine goals number 1 and 5 may well declare some conflict lol…. I think goal number 4 is one I connect with most. I have at best blogged gently for a couple of years but I am hungry not only to blog but to seek inspiration from blogs like your – happy blogging and a successful 2020 Scott


    1. I do try to be organized, but don’t always succeed. I’m hoping by writing down some sort of blog list of ideas/content that I’ll stay consistent throughout the year. I seem to do great for a few months and then hit a brick wall. Wishing you a successful and creative New Year. Your photographs are always an inspiration!

      Liked by 1 person

  15. My goal is to keep pushing my art, and to really get it out there more. Last year was good, but this year will be better. And we have some new travel destinations on the horizon too.


    1. I have the utmost respect and admiration for you and Al and your artistic creativity. I’ve enjoyed watching your art evolve and look forward to hearing about some of your new travel destinations in 2020.


  16. I thought it fun to know where you are at! Especially the green grass carpet walk — right by Deadhorse under Tuzigoot. I do that hike once a year. Hayward, you say! My aunt owned a resort in Hayward, Wis. I remember as a girl going there. They had fishing cabins right on it. I remember the men carrying out the giant muskies out of the water with their gruesome teeth. It made me scared to jump into the lake. Just as well, there was always a salt shaker on the pier to sprinkle on the leeches as you came out of the lake. Somehow that was fun?


    1. I think most of us that grew up in Illinois vacationed at some point in Hayward, WI. I too was afraid of Muskies which helped in me learning how to water ski. I was bound and determined not to bob in the water too long for fear of a Muskie attack which we all know doesn’t happen … or so they say 😆. That path photo was taken at Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area in Cave Creek. It’s my favorite place to hike in the valley.


  17. Don’t know how much younger you are than me (I’m 68) but finding/building a senior home (ownership, not rental) is number one on my goals list this year. Traveling is taking a back seat this year. May I suggest a different approach to “eating more healthy”? I read a book “Fat Chance” which opened my eyes about the politics of food we buy at grocery stores. Some readers complained it was too scientific but if you wade through the science of food patiently, you’ll be rewarded with a whole new outlook on the food we chew and digest and absorb into our bodies. Forget the “lose weight” goal, just concentrate on how your body functions after you eat something. That book really helped me to think outside the box and improve my choice of foods.


    1. Sounds like an interesting book. I’ve spent the past several years educating myself on our food supply. What we eat today is not what our ancestors ate. Our food supply is riddled with chemicals i.e. round up, GMO’s, etc. but I don’t want to dive too deep into all this stuff on my blog. Suffice to say, I suffer from food allergies/sensitivities which has lead me on a mission to find answers. So ‘eating more healthy’ is a simplistic way for me to share my goal, but it’s a much more complex subject as you well know.
      Although we still love our RV lifestyle, we’d like to find a home base. So totally understand your #1 goal. Best of luck finding what you are looking for and Happy New Year. 😊


  18. Ingrid, you and I must be on the same wavelength these days because I was just thinking about the very same question – resolutions or goals? I have goals, pretty much the same ones as you. I’m really motivated on continuing my fitness routine since completing a 12 week Livestrong course for cancer survivors at my local YMCA. I’m also contemplating getting certified to teach water aerobics, my favorite fitness activity for about the last 20 years. Hopefully we’ll be crossing off a couple of bucket list items this year. As for blogging, I’m running out of ideas since we aren’t RV’ing much any more.

    Wishing the the best for 2020 and good luck with your goals!


    1. Thank you Beth. Sounds like you have a great fitness routine that you enjoy. Totally understand the blogging block considering we too aren’t traveling as much. Plus we’re returning to areas that I’ve already blogged extensively about. I might repurpose some old posts and freshen them up considering if I don’t remember what I wrote, I expect my long term follows weren’t either 🤣. So might seem brand new …. or so I hope!

      Liked by 1 person

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