Gift Ideas for Him and Her Under $50

The holiday season is once again upon us and shopping for gifts is in full swing. I think I’m one of those rare people who enjoys the whole holiday shopping frenzy. It doesn’t matter if I’m strolling through stores or scrolling on the internet, I enjoy the Christmas gift shopping process.

Snow Mountain Ranch, renting a winter cabin in Colorado, #cabininthewoods
Are you in the holiday spirit? I am! When our children were young, this is where we used to spend Christmas – Granby, Colorado

This year, our small family has decided to keep Christmas gift-giving simple and stay within a budget-friendly range. As I was jotting down ideas and switching from my recipe search to gift idea search on the internet, I thought I’d share some products that I came across which I believe would make great gifts for him or her. Maybe you’ll find this post helpful with your own quest for the perfect holiday gift. (This post contains affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The cost is the same. I appreciate your support.)

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Whether I’m RVing in our 5th wheel with my husband or embarking on one of my crazy camping adventures with my daughter, there’s some equipment that I feel are an absolute must-have for any outdoor enthusiast. At the top of that list are a headlamp and flashlights. Tripping over a tree root in the dark is no fun … at least that’s what I’ve heard😉 And flashlights and headlamps make great stocking stuffers or box fillers.

A great gift idea for anyone, whether you RV or not, is an Emergency Weather Radio. You never know when a life-threatening storm will head our way. Weather conditions are definitely something we want to be kept up to date on and we can’t count on a Cell phone or WiFi signal working during those severe weather conditions. Another must-have and great gift idea for anyone is a multi-tool. My husband uses his regularly, and we gave both of our adult children one a few years ago for Christmas. My daughter used her multi-tool during our Zion camping trip … and maybe we used a few things from our first aid/survival kit as well, but I’ll never tell.

Gifts for enjoying the outdoors in comfort.

With the necessary stuff out of the way, let’s talk about some fun stuff. Although, these are still necessary in my book. I’d be lost without my outdoor camping chair and throw blanket … gotta be comfy watching those sunsets during happy hour. We use and abuse our canvas chairs and end up replacing them every couple of years or so. Do you have a sports fan who loves tailgating? These chairs are perfect for camping, tailgating, and going to the beach.

And let’s not forget about quenching our thirst. I love these adventure enamel camping mugs for my morning coffee or campfire hot cocoa, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the stainless steel tumblers that are perfect for cold or hot beverages. Wine, anyone? These make the best wine glasses! But my most treasured beverage container is the large travel bottle that I take everywhere with me filled with hydrating water. When ya live in the desert half the year like I do (Phoenix, Arizona), staying hydrated is important.

Living in a tiny home like an RV where space is limited, storage is always an issue. It’s not like we have extra space to store multiple coolers. I found this collapsible cooler bag last year and absolutely love it. It came in super handy on Thanksgiving Day when we visited some fellow RVers and needed to bring/transport cold beer and deviled eggs.🦃🍺🌵

The cooler bag is also perfect for taking to the beach as are these versatile Turkish Bath and Beach Towels. Since these towels fold up small and dry fast, they are perfect for any traveler wanting to take their own towel along. Speaking of traveling, when my daughter and I visited Disneyland and she engaged in the Play Disney App, the app used up quite a bit of her phone battery. Fortunately, she had one of these External Cell Phone Battery packs to recharge her phone. Guess who put one of these on her Christmas list?

Gift ideas for air travelers

My son and his wife enjoy cruise ship vacations which usually require air travel and a little more forethought when it comes to packing. Here are some gift ideas I’ve gathered with them in mind.

Last-minute gift ideas

Ok, let’s face it, there are some people that are more challenging to shop for than others. When all else fails, I turn to food. Ah, but it’s a good idea to know the gift recipient’s tastes, dislikes, and potential food allergies.

Happy shopping!

Do you enjoy holiday shopping? Have you finished your shopping list? 

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27 thoughts on “Gift Ideas for Him and Her Under $50

  1. Hi Ingrid, I am enjoying catching up on my reading. Exceptionally beautiful heading photo! I appreciate gift suggestions all year long. I should look into the Emergency Weather Radio. We have had a lot of wind storms recently with power outages. My husband gave me Noise Cancelling headphones last year and they have changed my life, for the better. Especially when writing. The Infinity scarf with a zipper pocket is a great idea. Great suggestions, Ingrid!


    1. I purchased that infinity scarf for my daughter-in-law. She and my son like to take cruises and she hates carrying a purse with her. This way she can put her lipstick and credit card in the scarf. Glad to see your return to the blogosphere. 😊

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      1. I now have “Infinity Scarf” on my investigate list. The first time I travelled with a scarf was two years ago in Iceland. I used it all of the time! Now I travel with one everywhere. Thanks for putting this one in my radar, Ingrid🙂


  2. Hey, thanks for including ideas for travelers! I am eyeing some of them and will get them as soon as we get decent wifi. The scarf, toiletry bag and the cable organizer are on my shopping list.


    1. I bought the scarf with the pocket for my daughter-in-law. She and my son enjoy going on cruises plus she doesn’t always like carrying a purse. So hopefully she’ll really like the infinity scarf. I think I’m going to get the cable organizer myself to help keep everything together in the RV. Amazing how we lose things in less than 300 square feet. How does that happen 😄


  3. I loved the cabin picture. I know I’ll be missing being out in the holiday madness just a bit. Always loved walking downtown Burlington VT during the holiday season, this year I’ll be missing either the boat parade or enjoying going to Carefree to see the decorations. I worked for Hickory Farms one holiday season, had such a great time that season, cheese anyone? Some great gift ideas there, we have quite a few of them. Have a wonderful season, we’ll see you in January.


    1. I always miss our winter mountain excursions around the holidays. Once January rolls around, I don’t need or miss the snow. I’m very happy with my desert winters. 🌵 Hope you guys enjoy your Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in January.


  4. Wow! Mucho Cool Stuff Ingrid! I’ll take one of everything! Or at least the Noise-Cancelling headphones – for when I attend Men’s Retreats – Trying to get some sleeep in the same bunk-room with 8 guys with 3 of them snoring in different rythyms, intervals and pitches – When foam earplugs didn’t work I finally left the room at 2AM with sleeping bag and pillow and found a couch in a remote lounge to crash on. Haha! Btw – How do you fit them all that cool stuff into your RV?


    1. Oh dear … seems like you could use a set of those headphones. It sounds like a fun excursion in spite of the snoring. Well, we don’t own all that stuff personally (just most 😏). The RV/camping items are a must for us, but the other travel items, I’ve purchased for my non-RVing children. They are still into flying, hotels, and cruises. And some items, work for both lifestyles. I love my external battery pack. Video is a real phone/camera battery zapper.

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    1. I too love that image of the cabin in the woods. Ah, such fond memories! In the past six years since we’ve been on the road, I think we’ve only used our radio twice, but we were extremely grateful to have it on hand when we needed it. The weather in Texas can get crazy. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.


    1. I’m so thrilled to hear and hope you are enjoying Texas. We used to visit Rockport and I’m missing the birds and the water. Enjoy your first holiday season as full-time RVers.

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  5. Hi, Ingrid – Thank you for this very thoughtful list. I agree that food can be a great gift. Recently I gave a homemade bread to a friend for Christmas before she left for her travels. By her reaction, you’d have thought that I had given her gold! On Friday, at a Ladies’ Lunch Gift Exchange (yup, the one where you open a gift or steal someone else’s), the Italian cookies were the most stolen item.
    Wishing you wonderful holidays ahead!


  6. These are great ideas…Happy Holidays.

    Hope you are safe and comfortable with all the storms this past few days. We r supposed be getting some thing later this afternoon.


      1. Oh that’s great to hear. I like both…actually especially at night when I don’t have to be out in it. Thank you the same to you!!


    1. I hear ya … I once said if shopping were an Olympic Sport, I’d be in contention for a Gold Medal 🤣 Ah, but these days, I don’t indulge in the sport like I used to. Glad you liked these gift ideas!

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