Crazy Weather Photo Prompt

Is it me, or has this winter weather been absolutely crazy? Talk about challenging winter weather conditions all across the United States, and for those living south of the equator, I hear you’ve had your own weather challenges. Crazy stuff, huh!

We’ve been comfortably parked in an RV Park on the far north side of the Phoenix valley since early October. I use the term “comfortably” loosely. Although, we are enjoying the RV park, our RV site, and the great neighbors, the weather has been anything but “comfortable”.

thick cloud storms rolling over the desert landscape
storms make for interesting skies in the desert southwest

I love my RV, but living in a tin can RV during cold and rainy weather isn’t much fun. Sure, we’ve had some nice days which were perfect for hiking, but the inclement days seem to be more frequent this winter than previous years. And don’t even get me started with the wind, hail, and flash flooding.

With all that said, compared to other parts of the country, I really shouldn’t complain. The upside to all the extra moisture we’ve received here in the desert southwest over the past few months will be a colorful reward – a kaleidoscope of spring wildflowers.

Last year the desert was dry, brown, and sad. This year, she is green, plump, and happy. So, even though the weather has been colder and wetter than I’d prefer, I know there’s an upside. Can you believe those blooms have already started showing up … and it’s only February? March is going to be amazing!

a dusting of snow on a gloomy day in Phoenix
A gloomy winter day in Phoenix, AZ. Where’s the sun and what’s that white stuff?
yellow wildflowers against a dusting of snow in Phoenix, Arizona
The wildflowers were all closed up due to cold and ice

Last week in Phoenix, it actually snowed. Not the fun pretty kind of snow, but rather, the slushy irritating kind we call graupel. This stuff I didn’t enjoy, but I did enjoy a snow outing last month.

Snow in Arizona

Even this desert dweller occasionally longs for white fluffy snow. Yep, I miss snow every once in a while. So, in January, after a substantial snowfall in Sedona (mere rain in Phoenix), I hopped in my little red truck and took the 90 minute drive up the hill (Interstate 17) for a day of fun in the snow. I love Arizona’s diversity!

winter in Sedona Arizona
Winter in Sedona, AZ

After about three hours of traipsing in the snow along ice-covered trails, I’d had my fill of winter … especially after a near fatal fall on my derriere. It all happened in slow motion. While my feet where sliding hither and yon, my arms were flailing in all directions in an attempt to steady my balance …. all the while, at the forefront of my mind was my trusty Panasonic camera and saving her from a deadly fall. In the end 🤭, my naturally well padded bottom took the brunt of the fall while Panny survived unscathed and ready for more shutter clicking. Disaster averted! We don’t need to talk about the softball size bruise on my …..

cairns surrounded by snow in Sedona, Arizona

So yeah, I’m good with winter weather and won’t need a snow fix until next year. I’m ready for spring. How about you?

Weather – a photo prompt

For this week’s photo challenge, let’s share images of what the weather looks like in your neck of the woods.

snow covered ground against stunning red rock in Sedona Arizona
Sedona, Arizona, after a snowfall

Wandering Wednesday – Ingrid’s Inspirations

Wednesday is the day I like to share a photograph(s) centered around a theme. Photo challenges/themes are a great way for us to share our love of photography and engage with other like-minded people. Whether you shoot with your phone, a DSLR, or something in-between, I hope you’ll join in on the challenge. Share and connect!

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37 thoughts on “Crazy Weather Photo Prompt

  1. I hear you about the challenging weather this winter. After sitting in our 19ft van for what felt like three weeks straight, we couldn’t wait to get out and hike again. I had a bunch of work to do, but Mark was more than antsy to leave our tin box for a hike or a bike ride. And, he suffers more from the cold than me, since he has no padding. 🙂

    That being said, after waiting with anticipation for better weather, we finally hit the seventies again last week. It feels so nice! Looking forward to the spring flowers in the Arizona desert. BTW, the only snow we have been in this winter was of the real and annoying “shoveling” kind in New England. It was enough to make us say (and finally mean it) “Never again!”


  2. Glad your fall was not serious. Snow was simply sensational..and I am so glad it is gone. The spring wildflowers should be sensational this spring. Thank you for this photo essay of your winter experience. All my best.


  3. I bet it’s an amazing sight to see much snow in the desert. And to think of all the wildflowers you will get to soon enjoy. After sliding down a snowy trail in Rocky Mountain NP a few years ago, we make sure our winter packs include spikes for our hiking boots. Glad to hear that you recovered nicely and no damage to the camera. 😄

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  4. Oh Ingrid I’m sorry to hear about your fall. It can happen so quickly. A friend here had a similar slip on ice and broke her wrist. Glad to hear you werent seriously injured, nor Panny. Hope that bruise heals quickly. I can only imagine what the desert flowers will look like this year. A reward for enduring the wet and cold.

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    1. Yes, I’m grateful my fall resulted in a mere bruise … which has already gone away. It could’ve been so much worse. The wildflowers are already starting with our back to ‘normal’ weather. Should be a pretty spring.

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  5. It has been crazy this Winter here in Arizona. Today on our hike we ran into so many flowers, it is so beautiful. I’m afraid for my allergies later. I was getting in really close to some flowers in the sunlight and my husband said he saw me inhale a ton of pollen. I had my inhaler on me so away I went, surrounded by so many bees, I just shot away. I told my husband I don’t care if I having a sneezing attack, these flowers are just to pretty not to capture in a beautiful photo. Have fun out there taking photos, your photos are always amazing.

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    1. I had a blogging friend from Ohio come visit and took her on a tour of the Superstitions and up to Canyon Lake. The roads were lined with blooming poppies, lupines, and other. So, so pretty. Hopefully, they won’t spark allergies for any of us. I hiked Pinnacle Peak last week and the trail was loaded with blooms also while the Four Peaks was coated with snow. Love it!


  6. Winter weather, whether in a house or an RV, is never much fun. We try to join the mass migration of Grey Nomads heading north to the warmer winter climate come June. Preferably we like to go for the duration of the winter, but sometimes we only manage a few weeks away. You do well to venture outdoors at all. Hope that softball sized bruise has disappeared – ouch.

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    1. Thankfully the bruise has healed and the weather is warming. I’m hoping to capture images of wildflowers as much as possible before the summer heat kicks in.


  7. Crazy weather all over the country. Dave is bemoaning the fact we’re not there for the blooms that are sure to be spectacular. So far our weather in FL seems to be pretty good.

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  8. When we learned of the snow, rain and sleet and wind in Southwest AZ, Steve looked at me and commented that he looked pretty smart right now for wanting to be in FL. But we did have our share of nasty weather last fall on our way here.
    I “sort” of wished I was there so I can give my cam a whirl of the white stuff covering the Sonoran desert.

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    1. The day after the snow storm, folks were pulling off to the side of the road to take photographs. The scenery looked like we could’ve been in Colorado. I hiked Pinnacle Peak for to capture snow capped mtn top photos. And the flowers are already showing themselves. I’m a happy camper 😊

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  9. Wow, what a crazy winter you’ve had! Along with everywhere else, right? We’re in Florida and it has been warmer and more humid than normal.
    You are going to be so happy when those spring flowers start popping! 🙂

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  10. Although I don’t miss the -34F here a few weeks ago, I can’t complain about my Florida Xmas camping, that included beautiful 73F (avg), sunny days. I just wish I could drive to different weather like you! I’d have to drive a long time from here =-D

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    1. I do feel fortunate being able to follow the weather. Yikes -34F??? Having grown up in the Chicago area, I remember how brutal those winter temps can get. I recommend a longer stay in the south 😁


  11. Love your snowy weather pics! I don’t know if I can post a photo. I’m new to your blog, and happy to be on your list! Keep on clicking!


  12. Loved seeing the wintry desert here, Ingrid, in an unusual winter. And I like your attitude, that the wildflowers will be spectacular. Especially like that second photo–cacti and emerald green undergrowth with a background of snow…such an anomaly. We, too, are having an unusual winter in Northern California; snow earlier, and loads of rain now. No drought for us this year…yay. Sending winter smiles your way.

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    1. It was pretty wild seeing it snow in Phoenix and now the wildflowers are starting to pop making the landscape come alive. Yes, I see on the news how CA continues to get rain. Hopefully, your property isn’t affected by any flooding. The upside is no drought for you this year! 😀

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  13. Ingrid, I wish I had WiFi where we are now so I could do a post about the changes in weather as we traveled from a Georgia to several places in Florida. We’ve had cold temps, warm temps, and even hot temps in the upper 90’s along with rain, fog, cloudy days and beautiful sunny days. Sometimes we had it all in the same place in a couple of days!

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  14. Hey there It does seem like the weather has been crazy all around the country. However I am so glad I left Colorado at the best time this year because they have had record snow and cold . But I am loving being in Florida and the weather has been amazing with sun most days and occasional day of rain that felt great . The cold front going through was the 70 Lowe’s in high 60’s . Cannot beat that alittle sweatshirt but only once in awhile. Here are a few pics Merry Sue

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