Galveston, Oh Galveston

Have you ever had a place or the name of a city in your head that you just had to visit?  Perhaps you’ve read a magazine article or seen photos of a location and decided right there and then, “I have got to visit that place”.  Or how about the lyrics of a song causing a sense of intrigue?Galveston Texas

Galveston oh GalvestonI was but a wee little lass back in 1969 when Glen Campbell sang one of his most famous songs;

Galveston, Oh Galveston ….. I still hear your sea waves crashing ……. Before I watch your sea birds flying in the sun….. 

At Galveston, at Galveston

Although I was very young, I was old enough to have the catchy tune stick in my head.  I remember asking my mom, “What’s Galveston?”Galveston State park

So this past summer while basking in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, hubby and I were formulating our winter excursion.  Since our friends from Colorado wanted us to join them once again in Rockport, Texas during the month of January, we knew we’d be returning to the Texas Gulf Coast.seagull

IbisThat said, this was the perfect opportunity for us to visit a place I’ve been curious about for a super long time.

And Galveston has not disappointed.  As a matter of fact, I’ve been pleasantly surprised and enjoying our stay very much…. well, the weather hasn’t always been cooperative, but those storms are soon forgotten once the sun returns.

Speaking of storms, Galveston has survived it’s fair share.  On September 8, 1900, Galveston island was struck by the United States’ deadliest natural disaster; a devastating Category 4 Hurricane with 145 mile per hour winds.

On September 13, 2008 a Category 2 hurricane struck with 110 mile per hour winds. In addition to excessive winds, Hurricane Ike caused extensive damage with a 22 foot storm surge and widespread coastal flooding.

Ashton Villa
there’s a plaque on the wall indicating the water level caused by Hurricane Ike

Ashton Villa

The above photos were taken at the visitor center located in downtown Galveston, Texas.  Throughout the city are little reminders of Ike’s devastation.The StrandMuch of the island has been rebuilt since 2008, but there are still some buildings that remain in a state of disrepair and serve as a constant reminder of the devastation Hurricane Ike caused.Galveston Island TexasNext up girls go wild, or rather bird crazy ….  in the mean time, I’ll keep humming Glen Campbell

Galveston, Oh Galveston…. I still
hear your sea waves crashing…..
At Galveston, at Galveston….
Pleasure Pier