Haunting History

As I tool around the RV Park on my bicycle, my mind wonders to the events of the past thirty days.  It’s been an active and adventurous month.  So active that I’m way behind on sharing my adventures.

RV Park

Pueblo El Mirage RV Park, Phoenix, Arizona…..early October, the RV Park is still relatively empty. Each day more RVer’s show up.  The palms trees make it look more like Florida than Arizona!

Since we extended our stay in Moab, we needed to rearrange our plans and implement Plan B.  By now you’ve probably figured out, our plans are usually extremely flexible.  One never knows what the weather might bring, or a location turns into something really spectacular (like Moab), or a gal just feels like changing her mind…..I do reserve that right you know 😉

BLM Camping

Pulling out of camp south of Moab, Utah

Al and I try to keep our travel days down to less than a 3 hour drive.  Although ideal, it’s not always possible.  Today is going to be one of those NOT so ideal travel days.  It’ll be a long day with about a six hour drive.  So much for meandering!  Ah, but Moab was so worth staying longer, thus I gladly endure a long travel day.

Scenic Byway

On the road again….somewhere near Tuba City, Arizona

It’s about 8:30 in the morning; breakfast done, dishes done.  Within thirty minutes everything is stowed properly, slides brought in, rig hooked up and we’re rolling.  Moving day is tantamount to a well choreographed dance routine performed regularly.   Al and I each have our responsibilities in our fine tuned routine.   We’ve entered month four of life on the road.  I still get excited on travel days in anticipation for the next stop….a new backyard.

Today’s journey will take us from Moab, Utah to Cottonwood, Arizona.  It’ll only be a two night stay with one full day to explore.  We’re familiar with the roads and although it was a somewhat long drive, all went well.  Last year we spent five days in the area and took in some of the surrounding sites most notable Sedona, Arizona.


Stairs abound in Jerome

This year we opt to explore the quirky little mountain town of Jerome.  Jerome, Arizona is located about 100 miles north of Phoenix and is an old mining town turned tourist – artist destination.  Jerome likes to refer to itself as America’s largest Ghost Town.  That said, we decide to have lunch at the Haunted Hamburger.

What’s really unique about this quaint town is the fact it’s built into the side of a mountain.  Thus, town is basically three tiered with plenty of stairs from one level to the next.  The Haunted Hamburger sits on an upper street with beautiful views from the outside eating deck.  Views, yummy food, and fun drinks….worth a nod and a recommendation.

In the early 1900’s during Jerome’s hey day, copper mining was huge and the town boasted a population of 10,000.  Today, it’s around 450.  After lunch, Al and I stroll around town checking out some of the shops.  We then wander down some side streets checking out buildings and remnants of buildings. That’s when we stumbled across a glass blower.  He was in the process of making a glass pumpkin and eager to share his knowledge.

haunted buildings

remnants of old buildings are plentiful

One Jerome tidbit of particular interest to me (must be the home builder in me) were the crumbling foundations…..remnants of homes.  Soil conditions and mine digging left the ground rather unstable and houses sliding off their foundations became a regular occurrence.  Even the town jail slid down a street.

Although I personally didn’t experience a ghostly encounter during my delightful day in Jerome, Arizona, I definitely felt the presence of some rich history, perhaps even the presence of a spirit or two.  It was a fun and relaxing sort of day.  The kind of day we needed as we prepare to head to Phoenix.

We visited Jerome October 1st.  Since Jerome likes to market itself as a Ghost Town, October is the perfect month to visit; weather is fantastic and Halloween is a big event around here. Images of Jerome……