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Now that we are comfortably parked at our sticks n bricks home in Southern Colorado, it’s time to catch up on things.  Time to catch up on paperwork, yard work, and blogging business….. the latter being the most fun. So does it feel good to be ‘home’?  All I can say right now is “No” and change is in the air……Quail

While we were on our little four-month adventure some fellow bloggers nominated me for awards, and as most of you know, my internet data and connections were presenting quite the challenge during our travels.  Thus, acknowledging the awards had to be put on the back burner.  In all truthfulness, I had contemplated not participating.

However after giving it further thought, I acknowledge the interaction with fellow bloggers is a major component to my blogging enjoyment  That said, how could I not do a post about fellow bloggers.  That is after all what these awards are all about….. sharing.  Sharing with one another blogs with similar interests, blogs that inspire us with words or photos, blogs that transport us to another country, blogs that take us on an adventure.  So share, I shall……liebster blog award

Back in December, Kathy at Hiking to Healthy nominated me for the Liebster Award.  Kathy is not only brave to share her tale of weight loss, but her information on hiking trails in the Denver area is a very useful tool.  Her information is detailed, helpful, and informative, but what I really enjoy is her honesty; whether it’s the altitude, weather, or a head cold, she’ll share her challenges.  I look forward to hearing about her accomplishing a Fourteener…..

blog awardNEXT:  Rene over at Craves Adventure tagged me for a series of Travel Confessions.  Hmmm, the rules include tweeting.  I don’t tweet, so count me out.  I could share some confessions anyway, but that would require me to think way too much and it would also make this post longer than any of us would like.  So I’ll just say thank you Rene and encourage you to check out her blog.  Who knows, you might find her writing as thought-provoking as I do.

NEXT:  Karen at The Earth Beneath My Feet nominated me for the “Shine On” award.  And guess what’s so cool about this award?  I don’t have to answer any questions.  The rules; nominate eight blogs that………                                                                                  “Shine, make you feel good and are inspiring to the reader”.

blog award

Initially I thought this would be super easy….. pick eight blogs that make me feel good.  Gosh, I follow lots of blogs that I can’t wait to read.  How do I choose?  Do I nominate bloggers whom I know don’t participate in the awards even though they rank high on my list?  Do I nominate blogs that I’ve nominated in the past?  Decisions, decisions!!!  Yep, this was tough.  I decided to go with blogs I recently started following.  Check’m out……

I still have a bunch of others I hope to share with you.  Blogs that I find fun, inspiring, and make me smile, but it’ll have to wait for another post.  However, since this blog post is all about sharing, I do feel compelled to list a few additional blogs.

These blogs are not hosted on WordPress and thus are not eligible for the awards.  Too bad……….    they are still worth checking out!

  • Rick and JoAnne’s RV Travels   We were meandering around Arizona the same
  • Metamorphosis Road                  time as these two couples.  Although we didn’t meet in person then, I’m hoping once they hit Colorado (they’re following our footsteps) that will change and we’ll exchange travel tales over a glass of wine.
  • CR8ING the Life  This gutsy couple having never RV’d, sold everything and went full-time.  They share the good, the bad, and the ugly of the RV lifestyle.
  • Live Work Dream  This is one of the first blogs I started following.  Rene and Jim post a lot of great info on living the RV lifestyle.  I also had the pleasure of meeting Rene while we were camped in Quartzsite.
  • It’s a Cozy Life  I just started following this couples journey.  Adventure awaits! (she just changed over to WordPress)
  • Adventures of a 50 Year Old  We spent New Year’s Eve visiting and sharing a bottle of wine while camped at Cave Creek Reg Park.  Small world…we had been following each others blogs and there we were camped next door to each other!
  • Life in a Canned Ham  These were our neighbors in Quartzsite.  Drinks, food, and Bocce Ball…..need I say more 🙂
  • Cave Dwellings  Small world, indeed.  Donna somehow found my blog and we’ve been commenting ever since.  She and Al knew each other in high school.  Donna still lives in that small town in Illinois and she and her hubby try and get out in the 5th wheel as much as possible.  Ah….there’s always more to a story, isn’t there?

I hope you enjoy meeting some of my blogging buddies, and I look forward to you sharing some of yours.  Happy Trails…….


Monument Valley


40 thoughts on “Acknowledgements & Sharing

    • Thank you Kim. I’m looking forward to following your Yellowstone adventure. I’m sure Jerry will have plenty to photograph and you’ll enjoy some amazing hikes!

  1. First, I must apologize for the late reply. I read your blog in the car on the phone and then forgot to get back to you.

    Congratulations on all your blog nominations! Thank you for the shout out! Appreciate it!

    • You welcome and thank you. You can now take the award (copy and paste) and pass it on, do nothing, or post in your side bar….totally up to you. Thanks for sharing those amazing hikes in Zion. Until this house sells, I’ll be living vicariously through fellow RV bloggers 🙂

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  3. Congratulations on your award… deserved!!! Looking at my blog dashboard, I am reminded that you were the very FIRST person who started following and I am so appreciative of that. Knowing someone was reading, and was leaving comments really did inspire me to continue, and to try and post something very creative and interesting. Have loved reading about your adventures and hope to do so for a long time ahead. Thank you for the link out to our website. I feel VERY honored to be included in a list of such fine blogs.

    • Thank you Janet and if you didn’t catch it, this is YOUR first award. Copy and Paste it then pass it on. You can post it in your side bar and acknowledge the award or you can feel free not to participate. Its all about sharing in the fun of blogging 🙂 PS I really enjoy your writing and posts!

  4. I love the Gambel’s as well. They always came to our gardens when we lived in Sedona. Great post Ingrid and congratulations on the awards.

    • Thanks LuAnn. This is one of my fav photos of the Gambel. They were entertaining to watch at our camp at Cave Creek. More snow today….not a happy camper 😦

  5. Hope you are enjoying the comforts of “home” while you are away from your home on wheels. Thank you very much for listing us on your blog roll. It’s really appreciated……you were my first follower and I will always appreciate your comments and interest……Hope you are both warm, happy and enjoying home!

    • Warm??? Wish we were still in AZ. Next winter we’ll stay away longer. Feel free to copy and paste the award and pass it on….you can even place it in your side bar, and if you don’t want to participate feel free not to. A lot of the blogs I follow don’t do the award thing. 🙂

  6. Ingrid, thanks from the heart for the shout out, and yes, it is a small world..You have such a way with your words and deserve every accolade you receive..Writing has always been a passion for me, and I find myself using humor more often than not…After all, life is just too short to be so serious, right?..Hope you look us up if you roll through here this summer..a bottle of wine, a beer or two (Dennis), and always a laugh awaits…

    • You welcome Donna. I so agree, life is too short not to laugh and enjoy along the way. We’ll definitely be sure to look you up….no need to ask twice, haha.

  7. I’m tickled beyond belief. Ingrid you came along and acknowledged my posts and it just brings the biggest smile on my face. Yes….this journey is slowly coming together. Just finishing up another post. I hope we meet someday soon…but even if not, just following your story keeps me all warm and fuzzy. What kind of birds are those on top of this post?…what beauties! P.S. More sweet blog links to check out! I can do that when I take a break from shoveling :O)

    • So glad I could make you smile. I think you’ll really enjoy some of the RVing blogs I mentioned. I’m visiting my daughter right now in Denver….lovely blizzard with over 8″. Why oh why, am I not still in AZ? LOL Happy shoveling and here’s to next winter in the Desert Southwest or South TX or FL….

      • I got hacked, spammed, whatever you want to call it. What a mess! Shut down It’s a Cozy Life and now having to start all over with WordPress. Interesting differences…anyway now I’ll have to let everyone know I’ve moved once I get all the set up the way I want it…a work in progress! SNOW coming down like crazy…I’ll be out to shovel soon before it’s too, too deep! Veggie soup in the waiting! Next year let’s vow to be in the desert still!

        • Wow, sorry to hear you got hacked. I’ll be interested to hear how you like wordpress. I’m getting very tired of this winter… got a deal, let’s be in the desert and ditch this weather next year 🙂

  8. Thanks for the kind word Ingrid! You have taught me a lot about blogging, RVing and all the great things that go with it!!! Keeping Laughing and living the way you do, it is an inspiration!

  9. Hope you’re enjoying your visit home for now. It should be warming up before you know it.
    Congratulations on the awards. So well deserved!

    • Hey Kevin, I had wanted to do a post about our chance meeting, but never quite got around to it. Travel and internet connection always seemed to get in the way. Ah, another snowstorm on the way…..dreaming of Cave Creek and your lovely weather!

  10. Ingrid,
    You are too kind. Thanks for the nomination and acknowledgement. We are honored.
    Colorado, my favorite state, we are headed that way (I think) in August / Sept. A rally in CO would really be neat!

  11. First, thank for the shout out. It has been great fun following you and so many other great travelers through their blogs. We will be at our “attached to the earth” Colorado home in early May. Hmmm… Yes, it would be fun to have a mini rally of Colorado RV travelers and bloggers.

    • And where in Colorado is that slice of land? Love the idea of a Colorado rally. Hmmm, a location? So many awesome places to pick from. I’d like to know some of your favorites.

  12. Thanks for the link-love! I do hope we can meet up in CO this summer. We will be in various places in CO from May 23rd – August 2nd. Watch our location and let me know when we are near your area. We are spending two weeks in most of our stopping places.

    Moving on today to Roper Lake State Park…looking forward to being in a natural place after being in Ft Willcox for a few nights! Though Ft Willcox did serve its purpose as a rest stop for exploring two amazing sites!

    • I will definitely keep an eye on your where-abouts. We hope to get in some RVing this summer throughout the state ourselves. Glad to see you are giving yourselves plenty of time to explore Colorado. You won’t be disappointed.

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