More on Quartzsite

As I stare off in the distance, I see a total of two RV’s.  My what a difference in just a few short days. The RV’s started pulling out Sunday and a steady stream continued Monday and Tuesday.  By Wednesday morning there’s three of us left at the party.   Al and I were going to leave Quartzsite today (Wednesday), but with all this land to ourselves, we thought we’d take advantage of a little solitude and savor an unobstructed sunset this evening.Quartzsite

This small desert town offers all the necessities one could need during an extended visit.  There’s one small grocery store;  The Road Runner Market.  Prices are definitely more expensive than a Safeway or Fry’s but as the only market within 30 miles, they have a captive audience.Road Runner Grocery

Want a new or used RV?  Quartzsite has at least half a dozen lots with hundreds of RV’s to choose from.Quartzsite

Quartzsite offers a variety of little cafe’s and bars for dining out purposes.  Pool seems to be a popular activity round these here parts, as most bars appear to have at least one Billiard table.  The RV Show/Big Tent Sale brought the addition of mobile eateries..

Need to park your RV?  Quartzsite has lots and lots of RV Parks as well as BLM Land galore to find a place to park and call home.  RVer’s return here year after year to meet old and new friends or to live in solitude.  There are all kinds of groups small and large that gather.  They gather because of a common bond.  It might be model airplanes, beading, geocaching, 4 wheeling, antiques, general comradery, or even nudism.  You name it, it’s here.BLM land

rocksRocks, gems, and minerals seem to be a super big deal.  You can still stake a claim for mining.  Them there hills may still have some gold!

Quartzsite has a couple of laundromats.  Our stay was long enough to try each once.  Doing laundry at the Main Street Laundromat was an event.  First it was super crowded.  There were three attendants, one who seemed to love his job or rather control a little too much.  He got on his megaphone to let patrons know people were waiting for machines and to remove laundry from stopped washers or the laundry would be removed by staff.QZ5 036

I grab an available cart for clothes in the dryers.  I manuever the cart through and around the crowd and ready it in front of one of my dryers, Just then ‘Mr. Love my Job’ goes to haul it away while abruptly responding, “we need to keep the aisle clear and since the dryer hasn’t stopped, it must be moved”.  I quickly give him “the look”, the one the kids know well and respond by opening a dryer door and voicing, “it stopped”.  He mutters, “fine” and walks away.

QuartzsiteOh, but the best part……while my clothes were in the washing machines, I took a shower.  Yep, that’s right, they offer showers for $6.  Clean clothes, clean body and a very efficient use of my time.  And I was sure not to go over the alloted 20 minute time limit.  I wonder if I had remained in the shower 21 minutes if Mr. Megaphone would have stepped in and promptly yell, “Hey lady, times up”.

And then there’s shopping.  If you like flea markets, garage sales, antiques and generally hunting for a deal, you’ve come to the right place.  There are independent shop owners galore.  Quartzsite also offers a adventurewell stocked book store with great pricing and a unique store owner to boot.  The proprietor, Paul, is a classically trained pianist originally from the northeast.  Paul likes the freedom the west offers…..freedom to live his life on his terms, his way.  Paul is well known as “the naked book store owner”.  The picture of Paul is courtesy of my former Quartzsite neighbor and fellow blogger, Cheryl.  The day I went to the bookstore it was a tad chilly.  Paul wore kind of a jacket, socks with sandals and a crocheted….um….hoody of sorts covering his privates.  I didn’t feel comfortable taking my own photos of the owner.   So thanks Cheryl.

Quartzsite is definitely a unique place.  I’m pretty sure the word “refined” won’t ever be used to describe this western town.  Eclectic seems to fit quite nicely though!