Rocky MountainsBack in June I broke my camera.  It accidentally got exposed to water.  I loved that little Panasonic Lumix and initially I was very upset until it dawned on me, “I have to buy a new camera.  Oh, darn”.

Let the shopping begin.  I wonder, should I get a SLR with a couple of different lenses?  The last SLR camera I had (film) never did get much use.  With kids there was always plenty of other things to haul around…..diapers, toys, snacks, juice boxes, etc.  A bulky camera just wasn’t a priority.  My little point and shoot Olympus Stylus Zoom, water-resistant  :-), was the camera of choice and kids became the main subject.  Used and abused, that camera served me well and provided years of memories archived in photo albums.

So after A LOT of soul-searching and shopping, I purchased TWO new cameras, both will fit in a purse or pocket for optimum use. The first purchase and the main camera is another Panasonic Lumix.  This one is a DMC-ZS15.  It has quite a few more settings and options than my last Lumix point and shoot.  I had tons of fun playing around with it on our recent trip to Steamboat.  However…..I confess, the best photos were taken in the “intelligent” mode.  I believe the camera is indeed, at this point, smarter than the photographer.

I have a thing for cows !

My second purchase was a Panasonic Lumix waterproof camera TS-20.  This camera is good to 16′ below the water’s surface.  So should we ever go snorkeling, this is the camera for the job.  It’s also good for hiking in the rain, which is the real reason behind me buying this little guy.  Once again, one must be smart enough to adjust the settings for the task at hand.

Rocky MountainsDuring this trip to Steamboat Lake State Park, we experienced a couple of rain storms.  I don a raincoat and boots and head out of the RV in search of photo ops during one such storm.  I would like to capture ringlets of water as the raindrops fall, but each time I set out upon this task the rain stops.  Fortunately there were plenty of other photo opportunities available.  Not wanting to ruin another camera via water exposure, I’m sure to take the waterproof camera on this outing.

Like any kid with a new toy, I’m excited to play with this little camera.  It takes pretty good pictures, especially in the IA mode.  Off I go… exploring…. in search.  I slip and slide on some of the muddy, wet trails.  I snap away.  Ain’t digital great?  If you don’t like….. delete!  No more paying for bad photos to be developed.

Rocky Mountains
Not crisp or in focus – food setting used 😦

I return to the rig and quickly download my photos…..”Gosh, I’m so excited.  I bet I got a few really scenic shots”.  NOT!  “What the heck happened?”  With head bowed, I confess, the camera was set to photograph food.  My wonderful husband, Al, cannot contain his laughter when I explain the camera setting.  You see, Mr. Protector had kept his eye on me from the comfort of the RV whilst I was traipsing around in the mud and rain.  Somehow he found that entertaining.  I was sure not to get out of hubby’s line of sight too terribly long as this is Bear and Mountain Lion country and he doesn’t like me running around the woods by myself.

So although I had a good time, I was disappointed with the results.  Live and learn.  Oh, did I hear you ask, “Didn’t you look at the dial or the LCD display?”  “Sure I did, without glasses though”.  Now for the BIG confession…..I need glasses, but don’t always wear them!  I leave the camera in IA mode, point and shoot.  Without glasses on, I still see outlines and shapes and snap away, hoping for a good result.  I’ve tried, I’ve tried really hard to get used to the bifocals and usually end up using the drug store purchased cheap readers.  I use the readers half the time when I’m out photographing and the other half I wing it.

Rocky Mountains Colorado
taken without glasses

Al has specifically asked me not to wear the bifocals when we’re out hiking and exploring.  I have actually lost my balance more than once and ended up on the ground.  Yes, I have incurred some minor injuries but more embarrassment than anything else.  So as I fight getting older, I find ways to compensate for my short comings.  I am able to see large objects and shapes on the LCD monitor and guess on anything else.  Photography is my fun, not my profession….thank goodness.  I realize, some of my photos are better than others and now you know …… I can blame the glasses, or rather lack there of and no one need know the truth but me…

24 thoughts on “Confessions…..

  1. Another cow lover! Always good to bump into one….thanks for liking my post. Great pictures, I’ve got a Lumix too, it’s so good, even though she’s an old lady now. I have learnt something today…I shall try Intelligent mode, I think I’ve seen it on the dial, thanks.


    1. I don’t know what it is about cows, but I’ve always loved them. At one point I even had a kitchen decorated in a black and white cow theme. The IA mode on my camera is my life saver. It’s smarter than me….lol


    1. Hmmm, I’m not the greatest with all this tech stuff….make sure it’s NOT the facebook like. I’m not linked. I’ll look in my settings though.


  2. Two cameras. Nice! I would have loved to have that underwater one when I was in Kauai. I was too scared to take my good camera on my kayak trip, and so have very poor pictures. But the experience lives in all its glory in my mind. Love your pictures. Have fun. I love Intelligence mode. It’s my best friend, since I’m too lazy to figure out all the other settings and what they do.


  3. You are such a gifted writer, storyteller and also I am seeing, a excellent photographer especially with not one but TWO new cameras (one for you and I’m guessing Al and Bear have to fight over)!. So sorry to hear about your camera taking a bath but hopefully to ease the pain, it even happens to pros–last year I lost a DSLR and telephoto lens in a river while photographing rocks). I also love your approach to photography Ingrid–I truly believe it should be fun for everyone, not work or a source of frustration. So just take your time learning those new cameras and keep taking photos like the ones in these posts because I definitely enjoy your images and the stories of your travels.


    1. Wow, thank you so much for the stellar compliment. I really appreciate it. Your blog amongst a book or two is aiding in my photographer skills. The ‘rule of thirds’ was a new concept that I practiced on this recent trip. Thanks again 🙂


  4. For all the disclaimers, I think you got some wonderful shots. If I had to chose a favorite, it’s the flower (is that a thistle?) But the last landscape is lovely, too. I fully understand the problems with glasses. I’ve had to deal with glasses since I was young, but adding bifocals has given me a few embarrassing tumbles, too. Getting old isn’t for sissies, as they say…


    1. Totally agree on your last sentence about getting old. I think it’s a dandelion. Thanks for the kind words on my photos. I like it when I surprise myself.


  5. The past year, Jerry has had to take his glasses off and on, when focusing his camera at photo shoots. And I broke down a purchased a pair of reading glasses, shaking my head in disbelief, as I left the store, that I had to do that! Oh well, such is life. Ha!


  6. I am still learning how to use my Canon S100 (have had for a few months) and I’m sure you will get the hang of your new camera soon. I love the photo of the bird – very nice. Have a great weekend 🙂


    1. I was pretty proud of that bird photo and surprised it turned out that well. I’m learning a little more about the cameras with each outing. Enjoy your weekend as well 🙂


  7. Couldn’t get my password to work.

    Really good pictures.  Did you notice the ant on the stem of the white flower/weed?  The rippling of the water on the last picture was real cool.

    Dog gone it, no bear or mountain lion picture.

    Keep clicking.

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    1. Blogger doesn’t let me use my hotmail address to follow. Maybe I’ll try yahoo. Don’t you love those “are you a robot” jumbled letters? I did not notice the ant in that photo…will go check it out. Thanks for the compliment and look forward to hearing more about your full-timing adventure. We’re working toward that ourselves.


  8. had our Canon Power Shot A570 for 5 yrs, never missed a beat….and yes, when I forget to take my readers off, stepping out of our rig onto the steps becomes perilous…


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