Shopping, Anyone?

After watching the Olympics, I admire the dedication, determination, and athleticism of the athletes.  We all have passions and talents.  I contemplate…..what am I passionate about?  What are some of my talents?  Do I possess that level of dedication?

Allow me to digress… a little girl in elementary school, I was never the athletic type and was usually one of the last picked for a sports team.  Being a girlie, girl I was fixated on frilly dresses, lacy socks, and all things girlie.  No Tom boy here.  As I grew, my interest in fashion and shopping grew as well.  Seventeen magazine was my lifeline to the outside world for updates on products, fashion, and beauty.  Ah, the birth of a “shopper”.

If shopping were an Olympic sport, I’d be a serious contender.  I have the same determination, dedication, and athleticism at shopping that Serena Williams has on the court.  And yes, serious shopping requires athleticism and stamina…LOL.  Let’s face it, bags get heavy and feet get sore as the hunt for the almighty deal ensues;  the hunt for the perfect outfit;  the hunt for the right piece of furniture, wall color, decor.  Or even the hunt for the freshest veggies at the farmers market.  Ah yes, to be a fiscally sound, forward thinking shopper takes talent, but more importantly passion 😉

the food court

Recently, Al and I visited my all time favorite mall in Lone Tree, Colorado;  Park Meadows.  I love this mall, especially at the holidays.  It’s not the stores because for the most part whether shopping in Chicago, Phoenix, or Denver, the majority of malls share the same franchises.  It’s the architecture, the lighting, the decor, the overall environment.  Park Meadows is a beautifully designed and constructed structure, making the shopping experience a sheer joy.  It is quintessential Colorado.

Al and I enjoy a quick-lunch in the architecturally stunning food court.  While admiring the massive stone fireplace,  Al comments and compares me to a dog.  A pure bred hunting dog, that is.  “So are you calling me a dog”, I question.  Al’s response, “Gosh no, you remind of a hunting dog when they get birdie.  You know, very focused and driven.  You love working the field (ie stores) in search of prey”.  Umm, is this a complement?  Last week he compared me to a thoroughbred racing horse….spirited…..    Alrighty then!  Back to me getting birdie…

Al patiently waiting as wife runs around
like a dog hunting!

Although I will always enjoy shopping, especially with daughter, my passion for shopping has waned over the past few years as Al and I embrace this new chapter.  We downsized houses a couple of years ago and are contemplating eventually moving into an RV and traveling full-time.  Thus, purging has been an ongoing event.  The rule; if I buy a new pair of shoes, I have to get rid of a pair of shoes… purse, delete a purse.  Yikes!  You get the picture.  By now, the guys at Goodwill recognize me in my little, red truck.  Initially this was a challenge.  If I waiver, I remind myself of the day we moved out of our large custom home.  Moving out was like one of those clowns at the circus pulling the scarves out of his sleeve….never ending.  It was brutal.  So hoarding is not a concern or interest around here!  We’ve also simplified our life, and therefore need fewer things, although daughter needs things….ah, purpose.

Interior at Park Meadows mall
Interior at Park Meadows mall (Photo credit: Scorpions and Centaurs)

As a former homebuilder, I was fortunate to combine my passion for shopping with my passion for home design.  I was able to design and build houses for FUN.  And fun it was.  I shopped for the latest plumbing fixtures, the latest in kitchen design, the newest wall colors, and then there was the “Parade of Homes”…..  Let the decorating begin!  I was never at a loss for “things” to shop for.  Oh and I certainly can’t forget the raising of a teenage daughter; the never-ending need for the “in” jeans or the endless Homecomings and Proms that required the perfect dress, shoes, makeup.

Now I’m sure the Kardashian’s don’t need to worry about budget when shopping, but this frugal German sure does.  Besides I embrace a good challenge, and why pay retail when you can pay wholesale, or at least ‘on sale’.  Yep, it takes determination, dedication, passion, and a wee bit of talent to continue to hunt for that deal.  So if shopping were an Olympic sport, sign me up.  Go Team USA!       FYI….I have had the privilege to tour the U.S. Olympic Center in Colorado Springs. These amazing athletes make sacrifices far beyond that of the average person.  This post was written with humor and in no way is meant to simplify or demean the dedication of these extraordinary individuals.

Two huntin’ dogs share a bonding moment!

10 thoughts on “Shopping, Anyone?

  1. Daughter and I really enjoy Fashion Square in Scottsdale but the stores are pretty much the same as in Denver. Park Meadows is all about the architecture….very Colorado!


  2. I’ve not been to Park Meadow Mall. Will have to check it out next time I’m in Colorado. You’re not kidding about all the malls being owned by the same companies. Here in Phoenix, every mall is either owned by Macerich or Westcor.


  3. OK, this is where we differ! lol I hate to shop. The mall does look beautiful. Hope to make it there one day. That’s what I love about CO. They even make WalMart look fancy. 🙂


  4. Shopping for me before we went full timing was an event, which also means leaving Steve at home. When I shop, I take time and don’t want to be rushed. But now, that we are full timing, shopping no longer excites me as it used to be. For one thing, storage is an issue and another is that being on the road I really don’t need anything extra or more stuff. I realized living simply is liberating.
    Enjoy your shopping moments !


  5. Love the Park Meadows mall but I would probably be overwhelmed by the hordes now! I remember so clearly what it was like when we began to downsize, Terry all excited and me draggin’ my feet a little. It took him a while to convince me of the RV thing but now I’m completely into it. When we sold our house in Sedona the couple who bought it wanted all the furnishings as well and there I was again, draggin’ my feet a little. Long story short, it is very liberating to let go (although not easy) of stuff and embrace the experiences instead! Sounds like you are already on your way!


    1. Slowly on our way. We’ve unloaded a great deal….furnished places for both kids and worked with a consignment store. Going from a large house to a small one and unloading stuff HAS been surprisingly liberating. Still like my ‘stuff’ and struggle with letting go of some things. This winter will be a biggy for me since our plans are to be in the desert southwest for four months.
      Park Meadows is always crowded. You’d never know the economy ever slowed. However, Flat Irons in Broomfield has empty stores. When son went to CU it was bustling. Now signs of the last few years have taken it’s toll (daughter lives 15 min from Flatirons). Now I have more fun shopping at a farmers market than a mall 🙂


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