Farmer’s Market

The Abbey

Who doesn’t enjoy fresh veggies and fruits?  Al and I venture over to Canon City for the farmer’s market at The Abbey.  It’s a small farmer’s market held on the grounds of The Abbey.  It’s a beautiful place with mature trees and lush lawn.

The Abbey was built in 1924 and once housed up to 90 Benedictine Monks.  It is currently listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

We’re excited to buy a dozen ears of sweet corn grown in Olathe, Colorado.  These Illinois ‘kids’ couldn’t wait to get these puppies home to devour.  We were not disappointed 🙂

We add tomatoes, zucchini, onions, and watermelon to our purchase, as well as some yummy baked goods.  (not that our waistline needs it)

I think Saturday mornings at The Abbey may become a regular on our agenda.  AND then there’s the Harvest Fest at the Winery held at the end of September.  I’m ready to stomp some grapes!

15 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market

  1. I love to see Farmer’s Markets spreading more and more. We certainly went down the wrong road when we let monoculture take over like it has. The drought is showing us the folly of relying so heavily on corn and corn alone. I’m glad you’re getting to enjoy some real food that’s been allowed to ripen and hasn’t taken gallons of fuel to get to you.


  2. Farmers’ market are the best! We search them out wherever we stop and love the fact that we are eating the local fare. I had never eaten a fava bean before purchasing them earlier this summer. They were yummy!


    1. I really need to start trying out some new recipes….especially the Kale ones you’ve written about. The harvesting around here is in full swing and will continue until October. So no excuses not to eat healthy 🙂


  3. i love summer for its variety of fruit and vegetables – a farmer’s market is always so much more fun than visiting the supermarket produce section – even a good one! Thanks!


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