What’s for dinner?

What to fix for dinner?  This past week has presented some emotional challenges and the last thing on my mind has been fixing meals.  I search for inspiration.  I’m a big fan of the Food Network and Cooking Channel and thus go to their websites regularly for ideas.

I’m lost today.  I’m in a funk.  The computer screen just stares back at me.  My husband comes in the room and after a short chat, he crosses the room and hands me a couple of cookbooks.  “Perhaps these might help”, he lovingly says.  I glance at the books and smirk.  This smirk leads to an enlightening conversation between Al and me.  A discussion on the mass diversity of my/our interests.


Al and I love our outdoor activities, just as most RVers’ do.  We love exploring remote, uncrowded locations.  On the other hand, we enjoy the excitement of a city.  We enjoy the culture and activities that a city has to offer.  Having spent years in the construction industry, I’ve been known to be dressed up, wearing heels and running around a construction site.  I like dressing up but have no trouble getting dirty. I like my hiking books, I like my heels, and I love my flip-flops.

Cover of "The Pioneer Woman Cooks: Recipe...
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So back to the two cookbooks Al handed me.  The first is The Pioneer Woman Cooks, By Ree Drummond.  Ree is married, a mother of four, and living on a cattle ranch in Oklahoma.  I’m a follower of her blog and have found many recipe posts to my liking.   She’s what I would refer to as a wholesome, down to earth kind of gal.

Nadia G. on the other hand is at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Nadia also got her start with a blog and has her own show on the cooking channel called Bitchin Kitchen.  My daughter is a huge fan and she and I watch Bitchin Kitchen when we’re together.  Nadia is single, wild, and has a crazy accent.  Nadia vs Ree, talk about polar opposites.

Both Women are amazing cooks.  Both women are extremely talented.  I enjoy Ree’s photography and Nadia’s sense of humor.  Their recipes are also immensely different, thus offering me the diversity I crave.  The diversity I enjoy.

Am I inspired, yet?  Nope, still in that funk, saddened by the events of the week, but we’ll give one of Nadia’s recipes a go…..Fettuccine Rose with Shrimp.  My daughter says it’s delish.  A nice glass of Pinot Grigio should finish things off.  Bon Appetite!


The meal WAS “delish” just as daughter said.  A recipe I can easily make in the RV.  A prerequisite these days.  I even took some pictures.  Oh, what sad pictures. Therefore, until I improve my photo taking ability in this department, I will refrain from sharing the poorly shot photos making the food look barely edible for human consumption.  So, IF ANYONE can offer help or suggestions on Macro or close up photography, I’m all ears.  Unfortunately, I use a point and shoot….gave up the SLR when I gave up film.  🙂