Education Questioned…

As I admire my handy work, I also question my writing abilities.  You see, I just spent the last five days working on a scrapbook.  A scrapbook about our six-week journey.  A scrapbook on this blog.  By printing out or retyping my posts, it required me to reread all postings.  Eek!

I’ve never felt I had exceptional writing skills, and after reading these posts, not only have my feelings been confirmed, I now question my education.  I am appalled, embarrassed, mortified…..shall I continue…..  I detect typos, misspellings, improper sentence structure, overuse of punctuation, etc. etc.  I always read and reread prior to publishing.  Perhaps I should sleep on a posting before publishing.  Perhaps, the next day I’ll catch the error of my way.

I wonder…. should I go back,correct all mistakes, and update each posting?  I ask Al.  His response, “Why did you start a blog to begin with?”  Hum, why did I start this blog?  I started this blog as a form of journal, documenting our travels for our children.  My mom journaled, but her handwriting was almost illegible and in another language.  Therefore, we (her children) are unable to read them.  Oh, how I wish they were more legible.  Al and I visited several areas my folks stayed at during their RVing days. I would love to know more details of their travels.  I would love to visit the very spots they visited. And their photos?  Well most are in boxes.  I wish the photos were with a corresponding journal entry.  Thus, my blog was born!

So since my motivation is for personal reasons and not for monetary or notoriety reasons, I’ll leave the mistakes.  Yes, a flawed individual capable of butchering the English language.  We won’t mention my Chicago accent  …..da bears!

The embarrassment has passed.  I’ll continue to blog.  I’ll write as I speak, as improper as that may be.  It is what it is….flaws and all!