Winter Doldrums…

As I sit in my RV admiring the desert sunrise, I reflect on the happenings or lack there of over the past twelve days.  Friday, February 3, brought plenty of snow to Colorado’s front range.  Fortunately, Al and I had loaded the Rig with essentials the day before…i.e. tools, battery charger, ladder, outdoor chairs, coffee, second container of coffee, you know the important stuff you don’t want to forget.  We target Tuesday the 7th to get on the road.

Pueblo Reservoir

Friday’s snow storm brought about four to six inches to the Pueblo area and about 2 feet to the Denver area.  Our daughter, in Fort Collins, had snow up to her knees.  By Saturday afternoon, the snow is already starting to melt, but I’m suffering from some serious winter doldrums.  I decide to head to the State Park to admire the beauty of the season.  Not much activity at the Park.  Could it be because it’s only 17 degrees?  I go to my favorite Prairie Dog village to see if the little guys are active.  A little FYI for folks out there with four-legged children.  Prairie Dogs have flees that are known to occasionally carry the Bubonic Plague.  You never want to allow your pets anywhere near a Prairie Dog Colony.  The plague can be very harmful to pets and elderly adults.  Once the Prairie Dogs get infested with these fleas, it can wipe out the entire colony.

Well after running around the Pueblo State Park and taking some photos, I head home to warm up.  I didn’t even see another vehicle out and about.  I question my logic.

Al and I review the plans for the trip and make a list of items we still need to load up.  I have discovered there is a down side to having too much time to pack and prepare.  I decide there’s more clothes and shoes I need to bring because you just never know.  I find another five books to bring along.  One of which is my three-inch thick Webster’s dictionary, published in 1981.  Out of curiosity, I look up the word internet.  Um, not in there.  Guess I won’t find google either 🙂

By Monday the 6th, the snow has finally melted enough for Al to hook up the Rig, turn it around, and pack last-minute items.   However…….we thought we could head out Tuesday morning, but realized another snow storm was on its way.  Oh well, we’ll play it by ear.

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  1. Thank you, just happened to pull this up as full timers and first timers it sure will be helpful….looks like we need to be retired though to enjoy it all….for now we’ll enjoy what we can when we can….this will help as we are headed in that direction this Fall (2012) Happy Rving/Motorcoaching


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