Green with Envy…

Oh, Mother Nature!  Today we awake to four inches of snow cover. Wednesday we had a beautiful, sunny day in the mid sixties here in southern Colorado.  We were able to enjoy a nice hike in Lake Pueblo State Park and get some much-needed fresh air.  We also spent time cleaning and reorganizing the Rig for our trip to AZ next week.  We’ll leave it winterized for now.

cove, Pueblo Reservoir

Yesterday around noon the weather front started rolling in and by late afternoon the ground was white.  Why, oh why aren’t we in AZ already?

It continues to snow lightly and temps are around 25 degrees.  The satellite dish did not work last night due to freezing rain and snow blocking the transmission.   As I check my emails this morning and look for updates from fellow bloggers, I become green with envy at all the lovely photos posted……desert sunsets, desert sunrises, desert hikes, desert cactus, desert mountains, AND desert warmth.  Oh, how I need to remind myself just a few more days and we’ll be on our way.

I’m also very inspired by the personal stories I read on blogs and thankful for the inspiration.  Perhaps today I can muster up some ambition to go through a few boxes in the garage.  The purging must start……again.  I did a great job last year unloading lots of “stuff”, but find myself left with still plenty.  The problem is, I like my “stuff”.  Al and I are thinking, once we return from this road trip, he and I will be more ready to unload more things.  AND next winter, we’ll be enjoying a glass of wine around a campfire in the southwest and I too will be posting desert photos on my blog.  Until then, I remain green with envy!

P.S. South Texas and Florida are on the short list as well.  I continue to take notes from fellow bloggers and already have plans for winter 2012.

Green Desert Sunset
Green Desert Sunset (Photo credit: nebarnix)