The Best Laid Plans…….

Well here it is January and we’re still in Colorado.  That certainly was not the game plan last summer when Al and I were discussing the plans for winter.  We had already made a reservation at a RV park in AZ for a thirty-day period.  The rest of the time would be spent boondocking and exploring.  Thus, spending the winter in warm weather in the southwest.

Life happens and if there’s one thing Al and I have become really good at over the years is rolling with the flow and being flexible.  Life doesn’t always happen as we plan, no matter how hard we try.

Not the plan!

Now don’t get me wrong, Colorado is not the worst place to be stuck, but I’m over the whole cold/snow thing.  When the kids were young, I always enjoyed taking them to the mountains and exposing them to all the winter sports.  Both kids are pretty good skiers.  I always loved watching them.  Me, I never developed the joy for downhill skiing and just don’t get it.  Could be, my only experience skiing was in my early twenties.  We would go to Wisconsin (nearest “hill” when you live in northern Illinois) and ski on iced over snow in ten degree temps.  Not my idea of fun.  I prefer to hold down the fort by saving a table in the lodge, making sure the hot toddies are hot!

The snow has since melted and temps today in southern Colorado will be around 60.  We’ve plugged in the Rig and getting it loaded and cleaned for our trek to AZ.  We hope to get on the road in the next couple of weeks….weather permitting.  The drive from Colorado Springs to Phoenix can get dicey especially in winter.  We always respect Mother Nature and maintain a flexible schedule.  We’ve seen one too many semis rolled over from high winds along I-25, especially around Walsenburg, CO.  That’s called a bad day!

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